Conversations at the Signing Tent - Byron Bay

So Steve, is there any raunchy wink wink say no more in your book?

Errrr.  It's a cricket book.

Oh so you are an entomologist?

No.  Cricket.  As in bat and ball.  Backyards? The Ashes?

Oh CRICKET!  CRICKET!  Hey Steve do you have a tea cosy?

I don't drink tea.

You don't drink tea?  (in loud sing song disbelief).  Steve.  Steve.

Anyway you don't need to drink tea to own a tea cosy!  Surely your mother didn't allow you to leave home without a tea cosy.  She isn't Greek is she?
Hey Jules - me and Steve are gunna write some books together...

Great Australian Cricketers and the  Tea Cosies that made them.

and then

Great Australian Tea Cosies and the Cricketers that love them too much.


Tea Cosies from Venus and Cricketers from Mars.

Tip from writers festival
Never miss a chance to network.


Ginga Squid said…
Oooh he's cute!
Shell Sherree said…
Hahaha!! Beautifully done, Loani. He looks converted.
Luvvie said…
Sounds like you had lots of fun possum - wish I'd been there.....that Steve looks a bit of a dish....not as dishy as Julian of course.....not near as fishy either....
That's an absolute crack-up Loani!
Love it.

And yes that Steve does look pretty darned cute!

So he's a cricketer, is he?
Such is the innocence of living in a sport free world...

The only one I know about (unfortunately) is that unattractive, sour-faced, rolly-polly one with the zinc cream permanently stuck on his nose.

Stacey said…
You lucky duck!
grrl + dog said…
Looks like you have som uch in common there..

did you love the writers festival? Great time of year to be up there... not too overrun with those QLD types..... he he
Strickbombe said…
look at you and your pile of books! so is that other person famous then? ;-)
Chartreuse said…
Love your blog.

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