Byron Bay Published Knitters Festival


Next weekend is the Byron Bay Published Knitters Festival.

I shall be giving a Kniterary Breakfast on Friday morning 8.00 am at St Emos, Fletcher Street, Byron Bay.

And then In Conversation with Monica Trapaga, (Joanna Savill, chair) - Knit One, Bake One: Books that Celebrate Life.

And in another first - the Byron Bay Published Knitters Festival included a tea cosy workshop.

I am home briefly between workshop and guest performance knitting appearances.

Here are the inaugural Byron Bay Beauties - tea cosies knitted with a lot of laughs - in two short days.


Top left - Veronica

Top right - Jenny

Bottom left - Ming Xia

Bottom right - Audrey

Also introducing:

Top left - Susan

Top right - Pat

Bottom left - Jo

Bottom right - Ming

Thank you lovely ladies for two joyous days.


Anonymous said…
LOVE that cosy dead centre at front - with wool & needles, etc..So cute & so original..Bettya Miss Loani made that one? All the others are just lovely too, imagine being a knitting teacosy judge.OMG.. l would not know who to pick so probably everyone would get a purple ribbon.
Hahnsmum of Bingara,
Chrisy said…
Sooo proud of you girl! A kniterary breakfast sounds like the perfect start to any day. And your workshop ladies...oh wow...just fantastic work!
ps re move i'm heading to toowoomba...yes i know...cold winters...conservative people...but one usually finds one's own kind doesn't one....
My love to you...
I say - those Byron ladies have done you proud!
Gorgeous collection of cosies.

No doubt you'll have them enthralled at your knittery breakie. Poor Monica - how will she possibly match up to the Queen of the Tea Cosies?

Breakfast, Byron Bay ... okay, I'm a bit jealous now.
Blow a kiss to the lighthouse for me Purl.
Robyn said…
I think that you are a truely clever cookie... and I wish I too could be knitting at breakfast.

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