Almost Ready

Today is travel day.

1 and 1/2 hour drive to Brisbane.
No knitting.
1 and 1/2 hour fly to Sydney.
2 and 1/4 train to Bowral

Do yuz think I can knit up a sleeve in that time?  Do yuz?  Do yuz?

Bowral is my last chance to wear this jumper this winter.  Not much occasion for double threaded (two stranded knitting all through the plain purple colour too) at the Sunshine Coast - even on rainy days - especially on rainy days - for on the Sunshine Coast the rain keeps the warm air down (or something)

See you in Sydney on Saturday.

Errr.  That twinge.  That isn't the Single Sleeve Syndrome I feel coming on is it?


Sue said…
Your jumper looks fantastic and I am sure you can finish the other sleeve!
Absolutely stunning.
Jumper's pretty good too.
lilly piri said…
I reckon you can do it! It looks so fab!
elsiee said…
a bold and daring fashion statement JUST as it is!!
Anonymous said…
Jumpers looking good Kid, looking good..
Bingara, NSW, OZ
Pamela Anne said…
Geez Purl Baa!
You know you can do it.
Just go for it.
grrl + dog said…

OK, do you need lunch?

or a quick 2 kilometer power walk?

We could do both.
Olix said…
You go girl!!!
Robyn said…
my first thought....
that's a wicked little outfit ;)

it's a beautiful jumper and i understand not getting much opportunity to wear it... i haven't worn a jumper at all this winter.

enjoy sydney x
Notjustnat said…
Hi Loani, I just finished knitting one of your teacosy the Garden Party and I posted up on my blog. I hope you will drop by and have a look. I love both of your blogs and the book Really wild tea cosies is fabulous - Thanks Nat
ritarenata said…
keep knitting! even though i like your tea-cosies more, but please keep going.
rita from tyrol
Hey there Queen of Tea Cosies...what a fab blog you have...I am chuckling!!! Might even have to get those ol' knittin' needles out...Dzintra♥x
jwami said…
Well, I do hope that you managed to finish that other sleeve so that we would not have to be embarassed about our Queen appearing in a beautiful but weirdly one-armed garment??!
Jacqui said…
If it was me, then clearly no, it wouldn't be enough time to knit a sleeve but as it is YOU well then I think there will be ample. Double wool eh? You can wear that one when you come to the mountains next. It SNOWED up here a few weeks back. Admittedly, it melted on the ground but it did snow. It's been bloody cold. Jumper is lovely. You're too clever for words.
Stafford Ray said…
If it takes a woman and a half a day and a half to knit a sleeve and a half, how long is an appropriate comment? Answer: I like you 'cause you are sillier than me.

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