Other than Tea Cosies

One was on the Radio on Monday.

One quite likes being on the radio.  Well why wouldn't one?  It is, after all, all about ONE. And a bit about tea cosies and knitting and knitting tea cosies and other people knitting tea cosies.

One didn't mention socks once.  Not on radio.

But one is mentioning them now because these exuberant Eki Riva baby alpaca lovelies have just come off the needles.  They are a pressie for bigger feet than those modeling here.

Zees eez zee first of a pair of socks made from the left over Eki Riva and a ball of retro green Nundle 4 ply.

Eeet eez of course vital to mention Second Sock in the same breath as First Sock - to give it life.

And in other news:
The Knitted Collar is taking on a life all of its own.

This gorgeous collar is the creation of the lovely Julie who I met at Avid at the very first book event in March this year.

And there she was again last Saturday at the Great Avid Knit In with her good friend Ingrid enjoying the sun and a piece of cake.

Julie - I dub thee QUEEN of the Knitted Collar.

Please come and say hello any time you like!


Ms Bubblefish said…
Moi shouldn't be reading your blog. Moi should be finishing birthday sock knitting for the Vet. Secret knitting that occurs during the weekday work hours while he's at work. But moi finds herself drooling over your foot wear. Clever clogs you! Love the patterns. And the wool.
Ginga Squid said…
Love that footwear!
Me has been thinking about attempting socks - apparently there is a book out about how to knit 2 socks at once (some magic-loop type jobby) from the toe-up. Think this would be the only way I could finish - as me thinks me would quit after one and have to hop everywhere.
Anonymous said…
Me knitting me a pr of warm sox as l speak..BUT LOVE the colour of yr sox ..Bright, friendly warm colour..Very pretty.. My old man now wants a pr of toe warmers..
Well , we`ll see AC, we`ll see !! Regards,
Bingara, NSW, OZ.
jwami said…
Best of luck with the other sock. How do you manage circular knitting with such a small diameter? (I am not a circular needle fan, they annoy me intensely).
Knitted collar is gorgeous - well done Julie!
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
I just adore those red socks. AND variegated ones too!!!!! Very special indeed. Your toes will certainly be warm at next years Sturt School. Socks, hat, jumpers, collars, scarves, rugs and even a headband BUT no gloves. Your poor fingers must near freeze when you visit the NSW Southern Highlands!!!!!!

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