The Morning After

Progress Report

Either one is becoming less vain with age or one has already crossed the eccentric old lady line - not caring about being photographed before coiffing hair, painting out liver spots and enhancing eye lashes - a morning ritual usually undertaken before even venturing from the sleeping and ablutions end of the house for a first coffee.

But I digress.  This was not meant to be a progress report about the joys or otherwise of aging but rather....

... the benefits of six years of designing haute couture for the tea pot.
1.  Knitting things that one will wear requires DRESSMAKING skills as well as knitting skills.

2. Any knitter that ignores this fact will knit ill fitting and unwearable things til kingdom come - regardless of how fab the model in the photo looks - unless of course you are of model proportions yourself.

3.  Dressmaking skills can and have been learnt from spending six years designing tea cosies that do not ride up like a bad mini skirt or fall about like an old man's jumper.

4.  It does not take much to make a knitter cocky enough about re-patterning successes as to photograph herself in a half finished garment without her face on.

The other thing one is likely to witness if one appears earlier than usual is The Bloke feeding the butcher birds in the morning mist.



Ms. Kimba said…
I love the sweater and OMG the picture of your husband in the mist...wowwwwww! That is truly an amazing photo..jealous of the people who live in Oz.

By the way one of my customers, new client, is from Oz though i laughed when i spoke to her on the phone, she doesn't just have an aussie accent, but a southern american one as well(been here 13 yrs)...odd combo! i'm sure even you'd have a crack at it!

and btw you look lovely without makeup and everything..nice to see you!
little hat said…
What a romantic photo of yuor "husband"!
Baa-Me Kniits said…
I agree V. noice!! Love the morning mist and its always good to try a garment on to avoid disappointment in the end. Lovely jumper and gorgeous colours!!!
Ginga Squid said…
Well I think you look fab - face on or off. And loving the cropped jumper look......! ;)

P.S. all my jumper attempts so far have resulted in shapeless sacks, so I defo need some dressmaking skills.
Monika said…
Your sweater looks gorgeous. I like the colors very much.
Stunning - your signature colours Pearlie - and the way you've combined them is inspired, as always.

And your face au naturale is beautiful...

W x
Anonymous said…
Yr new jumper is really nice..Long sleeves or short?? One wouldnt think Noosa would need long sleeves ? Absolutely LOVE the last pic of hubby in the mist.. Print it off & send as Chrissy cards.. Just beautiful.
Bestest regards from WET WET Bingara, ( How good is Dat !! )
Hahnsmum.. NSW, OZ.
Mary T. said…
I think you look cute as a button, with or without makeup. AND, you are justifiably proud of your jumper-in-progress.

And, I must say, the view from your deck looks decidedly exotic and romantic, compared to the view from mine this morning (I live in Minnesota, on the Great Plains of the American midwest, very flat and, well - if "unexotic" were a word in the dictionary, Minnesota would be the illustration.)

I have no idea what a butcher bird is, but it sounds like your hubbo should be wearing leather, steel-reinforced gloves to feed them without fear of losing a finger or two!
planettreasures said…
All gorgeous!
You, half finished garment and hub and the mist!
grrl + dog said…
Oh, so it's not a cool midriff top?

The colors are lovley..
Stafford Ray said…
thanks for the visit. In repayment can I lend you ten bucks for the wool to finsih the damned thing?
Robyn said…
Great shots and I especially like the one of the woman wearing the midriff ;)

nah just kidding I know it's you in a future jumper... but I do mean that they are great shots :)
lilly piri said…
You have such a beautiful view! Love the mist.

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