I can so knit JUMPERS

I am in LERVE.

I am in LERVE with this little old jumper here (you say sweater, I say jumper, let's call the whole thing off).

Comparing knitting and cleaning one last time - for even thinking 'knitting' and 'cleaning' in the same moment is an abomination, except of course when one is making an excellent point - the excellent point being that - one would NEVER scatter the dust from a dust pan just so that one could clean it up again better next time.

This little jumper made from delectable Jo Sharp Aran with a splash of Debbie Bliss orange is like sucking on Swiss chocolate, piece by sumptuous piece.
The wool has been on and off the needles, knitted and balled, knitted and balled many times.


1.  One is knitting from the top down rather from the bottom up as per the pattern.

2.  One is a hopeless counter, adder and multiplier even when one is not working back to front and upside down.

3.  One is not as practiced at judging one's own body size as one is at judging the size of a tea pot.

BUT does one care?  Nooooo.  One does not.  One is almost looking for more reasons to make it last.

Now for something completely different (well not COMPLETELY different)...

Next time you are in New Town, Sydney - A Coffee and a Yarn, 413 King Street - is a must visit if for nothing else except this mad MAD installation.

Oi loike it.

And then there is this beautiful woman to take care of all you woolly caffeine needs.

And yes that is "Turkish Delight" from Wild Tea Cosies sitting on the table there.

Oi loike that too. 

More Other News
TEN SLEEPS until Byron Bay Writers Festival Wild KNITTING Workshop.

"A knitting workshop at a writers festival???" ... I hear you gasp.



Sue said…
Beautiful knitting. I have to say that The Knitter magazine is one of my favourites. The shop looks lovely too!
grrl + dog said…
The workshop in Byron will be a fresh breeze there.

Isnt the yarn shop yummy? It's very welcoming..
Stafford Ray said…
Where do you get the toime! Been a long time since I even heard of anyone using wool from an old jumper to knit a new one. You must be really olde!
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Beautiful jumper. Working in reverse is tricky - consider reversing a car & trailer, walking backwards on a treadmill, etc. Well done for sticking with it.

Those toys really are MAD. Love them.
Olix said…
so love that jumper - you are such a clever thing you!!
Anonymous said…
Really love the colours of yr jumper Lady.. Cant wait to see it finished. l finished my sox & lost them to my other half..He was complaining re COLD feet at night.. So looks like l have to start another alpaca -pure wool pr for granny. And noticed last post back there, ''jwami'', ( hope l remembered the ladys name correctly) said she isnt a fan of circular needles either.Thank heavens l isnt the only one. . BUT l am plodding along with new needles one bought recently. They WONT beat me.
Hahnsmum of Bingara, NSW, OZ
dawn said…
Anonymous said…
Just LOVE the tea cosies. They make me smile - just fancy starting the day with one of those on the breakfast table. Thank you for inspiring, for being different, for bucking the trend towards uniformity, for celebrating colour.......all this with a tea cosie! Ma Rat, UK

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