Gems of Sturt - Part TWO

Ms Jennifer of Sydney

Even more things I learned at Sturt Winter School.

There's a little devil in every angel.
Ms Daphne of Brisbane (a brand new Citizen of Australia)

You can take the English Rose out of the garden but you can't take the garden out of an English rose.

 Ms Julie of Argentina (hey Julie - WHERE are you from in Australia?)

What's tame for one is wild for another.
Ms Pam of Perth

If Ode Utzon had been a knitter, the Sydney Opera House might have been a tea cosy first.

5 days learning KNITTY things.

Knitting in the round on 2 circular needles.
Knitting in the round on 1 circular needle with the magic loop.
Fair Isle technique with 2 colours in the round.
Fair Isle technique with 2 colours in rows.
Picot edges.
Knitting shapes (sculptural knitting)
Making tidy edges.
Continental knitting.
Casting on with two threads.

Design!  YES !  Designing your own tea cosy.

All but one of these 9 cosies in "Gems of Sturt - Part 1 and 2" are the participants very own designs.


Girls just wanna have fun!


grrl + dog said…
those wigs do come in handy - glad those girls had fun..
Ms Bubblefish said…
More, happy, proud aficionados! Will the pleasure ever stop??? I hope not!!!
Robyn said…
I'm very impressed with what you have taught in a short space of time... the results are really beautiful.

Love what you do as I guess you do too ;)

best wishes for the world of well dressed teapots.
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Oh my!!!!! I bet your glad you didn't have to choose a winner among all these brilliantly designed and lovingly made tea cosies. Well done ladies. I love them all

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