Gems of Sturt - Part ONE

Ms Laura of Sydney

Things I learned while teaching at Sturt Winter School ...

Funny, clever, wild women will travel across continents to play tea cosy with other funny, clever, wild women - at the drop of a workshop.  

(I know. I know. I've learned this before but I never quite believe it.)

Ms Elaine of Canberra

An 85 year old Child At Heart is every bit as naughty as a 35 year old Child At Heart.


Frightening things lurk in the minds of knitters.

(Yeah. Yeah.  I knew this already too but it is worth saying again.) 

Ms Colleen of Perth

Librarians KNIT in Libraries.

Mastering the continental knitting technique can elicit bursts of exuberant giggling.
Ms Jan of Moss Vale

Compliments come in strange packaging - like the compliment that one soul made by learning to knit a stitch, purl a stitch, cast on and cast off - just three weeks ago - so that she might join the Sturt Wild Knitting Workshop.

Teaching is as much about learning as it is about teaching.

Ms Deirdre of Canberra

Some creative bones need days of quiet beavering before the phoenix can rise.

Put a smile on your face and a tea cosy on your table.

Come play tea cosy with me in Byron Bay on 2 and 3 August  -  Workshops


grrl + dog said…
Look how happy they are with them selves..

The week went too quickly, but i bet your happy to be home now.
Robyn said…
That's a job very well done and lots of fun too.

Love the results.
Enjoy Byron and I hope the weather is kind too.
Ms Bubblefish said…
Another posse of aficionados and converts. Bless you Sister Poo Baa for you have done well xx
Ms Bubblefish said…
Oops, that should read 'Purl' Baa, but you knew I meant that in tea party sisterhood kindness.
Stafford Ray said…
I have no intention of ever knitting a tea cosy, but can't stop myself lookin' at 'em! It's gotta be treatable! But wait. Maybe it's the happy faces that make me smile every time.

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