Comparing Avid Knitting to not so Avid Cleaning

Avid (Reader) Knitting
Sometimes a hat should just belong to she who wears it best and as Jarah's nose does not only NOT look big in this beret, but pixie cute - the beret now belongs to her.

Jarrah learned to knit yesterday at the Great Avid Knit In, (West End, Brisbane).

One simply cast on, knit a row, then handed it over with minimal verbal instructions - and voila - a new knitter!

Ha!  Cute, clever and a knitter!  You'll go far Jarrah.

Donna, Jarrah, Rosie, whose mum taught her to knit yesterday, and Rosie's mum, Nina.  TWO new knitters in one day!  Woo hoo.

Donna had been waiting 16 years for the right moment to use that mass of woolly rope on her lap.  16 years!

You never know when that odd bit of yarn (err rope) in the stash will come in handy.

Thank you all for coming to Avid.  I had a really lovely time meeting you and knitting with you.  A very civilized way to spend Saturday arvo.

Put a smile on your face and a tea cosy on your table.  Come play tea cosy with me in Byron Bay on 2 and 3 August  -  Workshops


Not So Avid Cleaning
Things I have NOT YET learned:

I have not yet learned to accept that a man is blind to dust, grime, ground in garlic and cat litter doo doo.

I have not yet learned to clean house with anything other than a scowl on my face.

I have not yet learned that the scowl would remain whether or not there was a man in the house.

I have not yet learned that cleaning the house produces a CLEAN house.  Well, I have learned that but I forget how extraordinarily pleasing it is to HAVE a clean house until it is clean.

Things The Bloke has not yet learned:

That the scowl on my face while cleaning has nothing at all to do with him - even though he is blind to dust, grime, ground in garlic and cat litter doo doo.

That "mad-house-cleaning-woman" pheromones are NOT the same as "hug-me-now-gorgeous-man" pheromones.

Comparing knitting to cleaning:

One finds immeasurable pleasure in the ACT of knitting regardless of the result.

Note to Kay and Annabel:
My sincere apologies for sitting you here beside the rant.  Thank you too for coming to Avid Reader to play knitting with me.


Sue said…
Oh yes totally agree about the men being blind to dirt and grime! Jarah does look very cute in her hat too, and another knitter is always a fantastic thing. It looks as though you had some gorgeous weather too.
mem said…
It looks so lovely sitting there knitting. I'm soooooo sorry I missed it. When's the next one : )
Don said…
Good to hear you enjoy cleaning so much and hubby chips, sorry, thats not right.
Robyn said…
I love the joy you spread with your knitting workshops.

Sorry to read that you are sharing a house with someone who suffers from dust blindness.... you can reassure him that their are many of his kind around the globe and a cure is brewing...
The Duck Herder said…
Lowani I heard you on Radio National this morning on my way to Goulburn and I just wanted to say you were GREAT and I love you and in celebration and HOMAGE to you I am going to re-post photos of all my tea cozies and once this beanie is finished, well, its back to the noble Ccozy for me.

Love your work!
Anonymous said…
l`d love to see what finally was made out of that pile of rope. l can only imagine it would be something really trendy & ever so usefull. Dont talk of dust , cobwebs & grime at mo to me..We have the painters returning this Wed..One moves a wardrobe or washer, and EEEEEEEKKKK...SO much dirt, cobwebs you would not believe.
Regards, Hahnsmum.
Bingara, NSW, OZ.
jwami said…
Comparing knitting and cleaning... that would get anyone into BIG trouble! He has hopefully been rehabilitated.
The knit-workshops look so companiable, it must be so nice to be able to call that "work".
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Wooohoooo what a great way to spend a sunny winter's day

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