Beanies Bathrooms and Bad Cats

Hey Jules, you don't think this makes me look too pale and wan do you?

One did not visit the Alice Springs Beanie Festival this year.

One has never visited the Alice Springs Beanie Festival, in all the years of hearing "Oh you MUST go to the Beanie Festival"

One doesn't intend to let it become a badge of honour, mind - like never having been to Bali.

One is simply stating it as fact.

However, one did have one's own private beanie festival last night in the bathroom.

"Wessy!  Wozza!  Down boy.  Its ME!  Your human!  Stop looking at me like that!  You're freak'n me out.  Good cat.  Here kitty kitty."


5 - 9 July (5 days)
at the ... Sturt Winter School


2 - 3 August (2 days)
at the ... Byron Bay Writers Festival

Have a look HERE for all workshop info.


jwami said…
Clevva kittie! He could see that he should defend you from the attacker on your head!
grrl + dog said…
will you be wearing that at sturt?

cant wait!
Monika said…
Love your new hat, and the kitty picture is wonderful! ;o)
Robyn said…
i understand kitty's fear .... but i do love the beanie.

i hope you make it to Alice one day... it's a magical place with or without beanies.

enjoy the workshops... too far away for me over here in the wild west.
Ginga Squid said…
F**K that is a cool hat!!!
lynne h said…
omg! that pic of wes!!!

and the beanie...

thank you... : )
Ms Bubblefish said…
Don't terrorise those poor knitters like you terrorised us last year!!!!

Have a great time!!!
Jacqui said…
See? See? I TOLD you his real name is 'Storm Kitty'

Ah thanks, I needed that belly laugh!
Stafford Ray said…
No, that is a dumb beanie. Gorgeous and OK for bathroom wear, but... what say you post it off to Doc Martin's receptionist?! They are her colours and your Wezzy Wazza Woozzy Pussy has every right to be appalled! ha ha! Love the photo. Can I print it?
Baa-Me Kniits said…
LOL your poor traumatized kitty!! He was just wondering what on earth you had on your head???

BTW there was a category for tea-cosies at the Alice Springs Beanie Festival....

I made a beanie for the LOVE OF category and I even managed to sell it Woo Hoo!!!
Gidgetknits said…
Oh my oh my oh my oh my!!! THAT is a beanie the self-confident wear!!! Yay!
objectsofwhimsy said…

Ive seen that look before on my own kitty (I think its the burmese gene) If I wore that on my head near my cat she would without a doubt jump through the window glass is no obstacle for a freaked out kitty.
The hat might I add is spectacular there is no other word for it.......

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