You ARE there!

You ARE there!  Yes you are!  How you shine for me!

As do bright pink socks (no not knitted - hush now) and Minnie Mouse shoes.  Foot Left and Foot Right were very cheerful today.

I admit - that last post? - it was a little cry for ... something ... I'm not sure what ... no... it was a cry for what came back...

Purls ( and Pearls )
Here are some of the things you said - which ought to be listed in a list somewhere of famous quotes.  For they ought to be famous for their fabulousness.

Read!  Just SOME of your comments via the blog and some by email.

After which we will all do a group hug.  Yes we will.  You lovely lovely Bloggy Nutters. And Nutty Bloggers.

Now imagine speech bubbles coming out of each of these woolly grey mouths....

Sometimes in the midst of the worst scenarios ever, the only thin connection to sanity is in knitting a tea cosythe mysterious Paige B

Here's to joy and frivolity and hope. And cats. Shelly

The little things really are the big things.  Chrissy

There's always big stuff happening somewhere to someone.  The small stuff helps you get out from under it all.  Mem

Merci de continuer à nous faire partager tous ces petits plaisirs de la vie qui finissent par la rendre grande et belle! Veronique - I have no idea what it means but it is FRENCH mon Dieu.

And this one from my friend Jeni, which of course has nothing to do with anything here but I love anyway and look for any occasion to say out loud as often as possible.

"It's fabulous to know that under quite normal looking, though glamorous, exteriors, lurk the beating hearts of insane people."

Well what can I say - you DID encourage me.

Thank you friends.  Thank you.


Chartreuse said…
Well I found your previous post quite disturbing, but also felt I didn't understand what it was you might be saying. Never mind. I want you to know that I do so appreciate your lovely work, both written and crocheted. My sister in Tassie is a crochet fiend at the moment. Ever a craftswoman, she has become totally overwhelmed by this new obsession. It has taken over her life. I hope this art continues to sustain you now in whatever way you need.
lynne h said…
this is me grinning... yes, just sitting here grinning.... : )
grrl + dog said…

you are so loved

and never alone...
sue said…
Okay Leonie, I have sent you another email with my address for you, hope it goes through. If not let me know - or I can message you via ravelry if you are on there. I am snooks in Melton if you need to contact me via that way too. Hope your day is much better today, bright and beautiful just like your tea cozies!
Baa-Me Kniits said…
I love your minnie mouse shoes, they would make me smile too :-)
theemutsfeest said…
I'm grinning along with Lynne...and you...warm of all the hugs!
Valerie said…
Such gorgeous knitting, I love the colour and vibrancy of your blog.
Lyn said…
Well, it might be just knitting, but I'm sure it's the thing that keeps many of us sane. Not so long ago, I was knitting whilst waiting at the doctors for some test results. When the medico made jokey comments about my knitting, I felt impelled to point out that maybe it was this simple pleasure that was the reason my test results were so good!
I hope all comes well with you.
Jacqui said…
Well, I was going to say my favourite quote which is:

"Balls! I want the finest wines known to humanity, I want them here, and I want them now!"

'cept it didn't seem right somehow.

I like Mem's comment...that the small stuff helps you get out from under the big stuff. That's a keeper (thanks Mem, and thanks Purlie for posting...despite the big stuff)

xx from me and the chookies xx
Grand Purl Baa said…
Hey Jacqui

That is a damn fine quote.

A DAMN FINE quote.

Another one that has little to do with anything and yet perfect for EVERY occasion.

I shall be committing it to memory.
Sue said…
Can't think of anything wise or philosophical to say except Big Hugs Loani!
jwami said…
Wow, I failed to check in for a couple of days and all this BIG stuff went down!! Believe it or not, Loani, this is my number 1 blog - the one little haven where I can be sure I will always leave with a smile and a warm fuzzy feeling. Thank-you for that. For me it is BEEG and NOICE :D
Jacqui said…
Yes, true, BUT! (just thought of it), you could also change it to:

"Balls! I want the finest wool known to humanity, I want it here, and I want it now!"

That works too, I think you'll agree.

Not very philosophical, or even deep and meaningful, but if it made you smile then it was worth it!
Annie said…
Hi I am visiting for the first time, well to comment anyway. Love your tea cosies. They are something special and out of this world. I have a friend who has your book (two of your books) and she is knitting her way through it/them!

www DOT babelfish DOT com will translate anything you want...just put in the phrase, and press which languages...and hey presto, your french quote is translated as:

"Thank you for continuing to share with us all these little pleasures of life that eventually make it big and beautiful"!

Maybe you prefer the mysteriousness of the original, so I hope I haven't spoiled your day. You probably read and speak french fluently.

My Word Verification thingy is PHYLASA ...that sounds like the condition I have that renders me unable to participate in anything creative anymore. Maybe it is another word for early alzeimers! Help.

Keep knitting, and I hope life is looking brighter for you before long. You truly are the Grand Purl Baa. Well done on your tea cosy creations!

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