Working Tea Cosies

One is often asked if one SELLS one's tea cosies.

One does not.

But they are WORKING tea cosies and these nine little beauties have been working very hard for Her Highnessness on High (c'est Moi naturellement)

click on photos to embiggen

 Zees eez 'ow zay looked at zee Power'owze Moozeeum in Sidenny when zay were zere.

See!  Anything can become an objet d'art stuck in a glass cabinet with a label and some good down lighting.

Photos: Sotha Bourn. Reproduced courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum.

OK OK so one was pretty pleased with oneself.
Have the Mongolian Sock Warriors had a showing yet on this blog?  Woolly minds cannot be expected to remember everything.

AND these same nine cosies were all present and correct, working hard, showing off, at the Textile Arts Festival on at the Brisbane Exhibitions Centre on the weekend.

That hussy Coral Punk just loves the lime light doesn't she? 
Six more working cosies trot off to the Powerhouse Museum Discovery Centre at Castle Hill in August where one will give an

... wait for it... Illustrated Design Lecture.
Now how posh is that?  Gawn.  How POSH is it!? mark the Sydney 10 Festival at the Discovery Centre.  One will rabbit on for 30 minutes.  So if you are in Sydney on Saturday 14 August at 11.00am - come and play tea cosy with me.  PliZ.

The things one does in this funny knitty loife!


Ms Bubblefish said…
Those Working Wo(men) look splendiferous in all their semiotic, culturally significant glory. Bet One didn't know that One was going to be responsible for a One Woman Cultural Revolution, did one?
Ginga Squid said…
You are just so very posh my dearie! And coral punk is SO my fave - she is the coolest of cool.
Wish I could get me some good downlighting to follow me around all day.
Sue said…
They all look fabulous modelling away in their glass case.
theemutsfeest said…
It's awesome! I'm pleased with you too!
lynne h said…
an Illustrated Design Lecture!! can one get any posher?! xo
grrl + dog said…
illustrated design?

Now how posh a title is that for the lowly tea cosy..

how things have risen in the world of


you know I'll be there..
Sue said…
They sure do get around! They looked ever so important at the Textile Fair. Just beautiful. Time for me to knit another I think!
lauren carney said…
oh oh oh your blog is splendid!
just thought you ought to know!
keep up the lovely posts x
Heather said…
...just found your blog tonight and I LOVE it!! WOW!, love, love whimsical and beautiful work like yours!!
...and I love tea cozies (actually, I love 'anything' cozies)
Cozy is such a wonderful word!
Check out my recent egg cozies if you'd like... or my tea cozy:

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