Tea Cosies Galore

Once upon a time in Sherwood Forest there lived two women, mother and daughter, Princess Lynda and Princess Alix and they loved wool and all things crafty so much that they bought a yarn store.

Look at that - the tea cosy sticking out of Lynda's head is a witches hat.   Have none of it, for it is a disguise, a ruse, a pretense. 

If Princess Lynda really is a witch, she is of the best kind and will magic up all kinds of woolly and thready and fabricy things for you.

Biggest Morning Tea
Tea Cosy Competition

On Sunday morning last, all these people played tea cosy very nicely with each other at the princesses yarn store.

The Queen's job was to judge the tea cosies against each other.

A sad and frustrating business to say the least when EVERY tea cosy deserves a medal.  Who's idea was it anyway to measure one against the other - but even Queens are vulnerable to the promise of flowing black coffee (coffee til midday, tea til midnight) and chocolate biscuits - and so the job was done.
This was the serious knitter's table though it looks the happiest sort of seriousness don't you think?

And these knitters were just here for the chocolate biscuits.  Well it was Sunday morning.

Competition Results

For results of the tea cosy competition you will have to click on over to the Wild For Tea Cosies blog.

It is a blog you can join if you like.

Show your tea cosies.
Tell your tea cosy stories.


grrl + dog said…

that gives me an idea..

maybe midify the cone teacosy on the cover of your book into a witche's hat for halloween....
grrl + dog said…
...modify that is...

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