Some People

Some people...

... make me smile so hard it hurts.

That's got to be a good thing yes?

No doubt you all already know about these completely nutty women.

I have of late been having a bit of a correspondence with Kay Gardiner of the Mason-Dixon duo. A sort of brazen "Hello Kay, My name is Loani Prior and I have a book I'd like to send you" correspondence. And a "You look like two completely nutty women. You might enjoy it".

My mum always said about personal comments "if in doubt take it as a compliment". Well Kay and Anne's mums must have said the same thing because thankfully they have embraced "two completely nutty women" for the high praise that it is and, perhaps by way of acknowledgment, have shown off my book to their side of the world with a give away.

Kay sent me "a photo of the only tea cosy I've ever committed",  her own funny, lovely, knitted, one day hier loom tea cosy.  Oi LOIKE it.  Yes oi do.

Thanks Gals.


Don said…
They ARE pretty nutty. You re a perfect match for them...and I mean that in the most complimentary way.
Ms. Kimba said…
I recognized the pattern right away as I have their book :) nice nice lucky you! Your so funny
Jacqui said…
ah you're a star! And I loves ya. POSTMODERN chickens, no less!!

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