Pretty Lucky

Sung to I Feel Pretty

I feel lucky,
Oh, so lucky,
I feel lucky and plucky, hooray!
And I pity
Any girl who isn't me today.

See the lucky girl in that mirror there:
Who can that hyperactive girl be?
Such a lucky face,
Such a lucky dress,
Such a lucky smile,
Such a lucky me!

I feel sunny,
And funny,
Feel like making and cracking a joke,
For I'm loved
By a pretty wonderful Bloke!

52 today
52 today
I'm more than one
I'm more than two
I'm much more than three
52 today.

Things I'm still learning ...

1. that even complete strangers will tackle one to the ground for a swift suede fix.

2.  that iPads have the ability to transform one from lovable show off into annoying exhibitionist, whipping it out all over the place.

3. that one ought not to wait for a birthday to take a 90 minute massage at a Balinese spa.
You might have noticed in a bookshop window near you (Down Under) - tea cosies galore.

Most of them have been my own but some have been knitted by other people.

My displays came home to me this week for a check up before heading off again until the end of August.

This little beauty - NOT made by my hands - came home in one of the boxes by mistake.

It it YOURS?
If it IS yours.... The Queen of the Tea Cosies is in love with it.  It is soft and pretty and cuddly and without ackchooally being a bear, it is bear like.

Tea Cosies are like people, no two are the same, even though they may be of the same mould.

to the creator of "UnBEARable"

From the creator of "Short Black with Two" (REALLY Wild Tea Cosies)

Please contact me and I will post haste him back to you.


Happy Birthday L
Divine bag. And just my style. Wear it round here and yes, you will be tackled.
Jacqui said…
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Lo-an-i,
Happy Birthday to you.

Cluck cluck, brraaak
Cluck cluck, braaak
Cluck cluck, brraaak!

For she's a jolly good chicken...

Love from M., me, and the girls x
Chartreuse said…
Happy, happy, happy you! Fifty-two! Just a babe, you are. I can hardly remember being so young!!!! I got the same Balinese-spa surprise for Mother's Day, but not the I-pad (more's the pity, though though it would mean I'd have to learn something new - not easy for us wrinklies, as you will find out 13 years from now). Haven't had my massage yet, but looking forward to it. Must first check that they've got heated rooms, as we are having such FREEZING weather for Q, n'est-ce pas?
Shell Sherree said…
Your voice gets better with age, Loani! Happy Birthday, and the Bloke did well for you ~ I'd be whipping out that iPad with annoying frequency, too. Cute bear-that-isn't-a-bear...
theemutsfeest said…
Happy birthday from an orange Holland!
sue said…
Happy Happy Birthday to you! You got some lovely pressies which I am sure you will enjoy very much, which reminds that I must pop your book into my bag to show my mum tonight!
Ms Bubblefish said…
Happy you! Something to celebrate!!!
Anonymous said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear Loani.. What a gorgeous seude bag you received..Really like that one.. l knew you & Granny here had something in common..We is both cancer type chicks, although one is heaps older than the 52 yr old chick. My 67 birthday next Wed. CANNOT believe l am 67..Had a clairvoyant tell me the other night l am 67..How he knew, beats me!!! Anyway, enuf of that there dribble..Happy Happy Days...
Luv, Hahnsmum of Bingara.
Olix said…
All I can say is that I'm pretty lucky to have you as a friend. Happy Birthday you gorgeous girl you....
Ginga Squid said…
Happy B'Day!!!!
Cool IPad screen saver!
Ms. Kimba said…
Happy Birthday

and as we used to sing in sweden..Ja mår hon leva...ja mår hon leva ut i hundrade år!!!!
Monika said…
I wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! :o)
Sue said…
52 today, 52 today, She's got the key to the door, never been 52 before! Happy Birthday Loani! I have a fantastic singing voice on the computer! Hope you sell lots more books at the Textile Fair this weekend!
jwami said…
Lucky you, such fabulous pressies. Happy Boithday!!
mem said…
Oh I wish I'd known! Happy Birthday to you, your majesty-ness. I saw your cosies all lined up and looking very pleased with themselves at the textile expo. Very gorgeous : )
Jejune said…
Hippo birdy two ewes!!

Am seriously jealous about the iPad ... I played with one a few weeks ago, and now have iPadlust!

Your other gifts are very special too, you deserve it all!
pinkviolets said…
you Lucky Lucky girl you
planettreasures said…
Hi, I blogged about you today,I hope that's OK
I'd like to put some more pictures in but thought I'd better ask first.
I'll understand if you dont want me to.
BTW - happy bithday!
lilly piri said…
Happy Birthday, Tea Cosy Queen!
grrl + dog said…
I guess you have

other presents too..

and gifts

from everywhere to be thankful for...

glad to hear the smile in your voice..
Stafford Ray said…
Happy birthday young lady! Ummm... I want a pup out of the bear cosy! That is just so impractical I looove it!
Loani, would you believe I have been forbidden to wear my pom pom cosy as a hat, or it will be confiscated! IXL is such a control freak!
Well, she seemed not to mind util I wore it to pick her up at the hairdresser's. Funny woman!

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