Nose Job

Hey Jules, does my nose look big in this?

About Maths
Just when one is getting used looking  FORTY and feeling pleased with oneself for looking FORTY until one is FIFTY,  and though there are only TEN years between FORTY and FIFTY, FIFTEEN years have deposited themselves on one's face overnight.

OK OK so one is about to celebrate staying alive and mostly out of trouble for FIFTY TWO years, which means one only looks THREE years older than one akchooally is.

Why is it that looking anything older than TWENTY SEVEN is crap.
Still!  It is a noice beanie don't you think?


grrl + dog said…
now seriously,


were you thinking?

uplights, uplights, uplights
fill lights, fill lights, fill lights.
Anonymous said…
Beanie is really really nice.. BUT hey wait till one is 16 days away from sixty seven..SIXTY SEVEN. One feels SO SO OLD..But never too old to knit beanies, teacosies, dolls & everything else old women do when they actually reach SIXTY SEVEN..
Hahnsmum. Bingara, NSW, OZ
Ginga Squid said…
Bollocks - you look fantastic girl!!!!

Thanks for your message - its just I haven't had time for much creating now I've got a 9-5 Mon-Fri office job and then spending time with my kiddies at weekends! Will probably get the sack soon though, so can get back at it...

Noice beanie!
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Wasn't there a song 'nice legs...shame about the face'?? Thats about how I feel these days but not even nice legs. These hormones have a lot to answer for!!

By the Way Noice Beanie, love the colours :-)
Olix said…
One couldn't help feeling full of beans wearing that beanie....old age isn't for sissies - which is why you and I are going to be around for a long time !
Stafford Ray said…
If you think that beanie makes your schnoz look big, or (Eeek!) you look your age, do what I do and wear a Balaclava! Or, move to Afghanistan and wear a Burqua! Now there's a bad idea!
lynne h said…
hey, i've just been to grrl's place and seen you in the 'relationship beanie'... you look good no matter what... xo
lilly piri said…
You look fab! You know, in the photo of you in the relationship beanie, you look a lot like Helga Testorf, Wyeth's model!

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