The Joy of Seven

SEVEN funny clever beautiful women came to Wool Addiction in Bowral this week.

Look how happy they are.  Annie, Donna, Mary, Louise, Karen, Sharon and Michelle.

Sitting and talking and knitting and eating cake and making tea cosies (and a beanie) will do that to you.

And as SEVEN is wont to do, it grew into EIGHT on the second day when Maria joined us.  Maria exercised her right not to be photographed but believe me, her face was as full of life and light and wool as these faces.
SEVEN HUNDRED women and SEVEN brave men, came to the Sydney local ABC Radio Knit In to knit blankets for the Wrapped with Love project.

This picture shows them concentrating with busy fingers.  But if you could have HEARD them, you would know their joy... 
 C'est moi sharing this Noice Nut's relationship beanie while being interviewed on Radio.  You don't know what a relationship beanie is?

Neither did I.

And I didn't know what a "Wrapped In Love" blanket was either - not really - not until SEVENTEEN hours later...
...while travelling on the train.

A homeless man got on my carriage and sat down beside me.  He was large.  Wide, with long greasy grey hair.  A cigarette on his lips waiting to be lit.  He carried the usual homeless man's bags.  He muttered to himself.  And he smelt like a homeless man.  No.  He smelt worse than a homeless man.

His smell seemed to me the real measure of his desperateness.

Though I covered my nose with my scarf, I did not cover my eyes.  He had draped across his knees a brand new hand knitted woolen blanket in pretty pinks and mauves. He stroked the blanket with such reverence, with such appreciation of the soft beautiful thing it was.  Is.  I felt like an intruder, as if I had witnessed something private, intimate.  He touched the blanket again very carefully with his finger tips, and then with a great big arms up and round, wrapped himself up in it.

I did not knit a single square.
This story, in ALL its truth, is for those who did.

(Relationship Beanie photo by Matthew Perkins)


That, my dear friend, is a truly beautiful story.
Cari said…
What a blessing it was for you to witness the joy the blanket brought to that man.

What a beautiful gift.
Gingasquid said…
Thanks for that lovely story.
Anonymous said…
clatspitThat story was lovely Loani. l am a member of lnverell Wrap With Love team in at lnverell library..A lovely time is always had by all every 2nd Tuesday of month. At mo am trying to finish a 12 ply rug l started..Maybe get it finished by next mth.
l spent a night in the foyer of a Perth hospital a few yrs back, couldnt get a bed anywhere..My hubby was in the hosp..So l almost know what it feels like to be without a proper bed on a cool night. ( NO he didnt put his hand in a saw that time! )
Regards, Hahnsmum, Bingara, NSW, OZ.
Anonymous said…
''CLATSPIT'' Good gracious ..That word came out of the bowels of time..HAD NOTHING at all to do with my ''meaningfull'' message.. Sorry..
Hahnsmum, Bingara, NSW
Olix said…
Do I recognise two lovely familiar faces in that first photo??? I think I do! What a beautiful story - you have a way with words girl...I'll remember that one for a long time....
mem said…
That is a most special story. Thank you.
jwami said…
How amazing, that you saw that on the way home from the Knit In!

Wrap with Love - I had a look at their website, what a wonderful and inspiring idea.
grrl + dog said…
that was a moment.
So glad that people closer to home are getting warm..

Thanks for humoring me with the beanie..

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