Gawd ! It's here already!

Gawd Damn!  Blast and double blast!  I can't believe it is here already and I haven't even done a proper post about it.

So if you are at a loss for something to do tomorrow, Saturday, and you live with in a hundred Ks of Gympie....

Then you ought to wander off to the Gympie Rotary Quilt & Craft Spectacular for many many reasons not least of which the Queen of the Tea Cosies will be there with Nine Knitted Tea Cosies on exhibition, signing books and generally being noice to anyone at all who wants someone to be noice to them.

Sort of like free hugs.

But NOT free hugs.
Free noiceness.

Come on.  What's the difference.  Yes yes the pompoms are tangerine rather than fiery orange.

But what else.  What ELSE?

Thinking to oneself....
I could CHARGE for hugs.
Now there's a thought.


Grimmerling said…
Oh how funny is this tea cosy. I love it!

The change to the queen tea cosy maybe is, that yours not corded?
Maude May said…
Thanks for visiting my blog - now I have 2 sites to visit you - loves these cozies - can't wait to see more.
Is the book available in the US? It's a 'must have' for sure.
lynne h said…
HA! you are so funny! you and the hugs...

yeah, i'm sitting here grinning...
mem said…
The holes for the spout and the handles...?
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
The top Jester has 3 peaks instead of 2, there's an orange band between the peaks and the cosy and the bottom of the cozy is ribbed not rolled.

Hugs I can do - ((((((((Grand Purl Baa)))))))). Noice :-D

Enjoy the quilt and craft show.
Blackwidow said…
hmm, sorry, but I am kinda confused. The Jester looking tea cosy that you picture here, is that from Wild from Tea Cosies?

Anne said…
I found you through the Mason Dixon ladies - glad I did! I never realized the burning need I have to knit a tea cozy! I love your designs.
Robyn said…

your knitting is awesome ;)
Dana Chabino said…
What a great blog!
Glad I found it!

What a great idea!

I love tea :)

Best wishes!

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