Banging on about Bowral

One has already posted about Bowral and the Wild Knitting Workshop given at Wool Addiction...

But as this is ONE'S OWN blog one gets to bang on about Bowral as much as one wants.

Some important lessons were learnt.

Don't believe women in bright checkered jumpers who say they are not really knitters.

It is true what the teacher says about the size of tea pots and being able to finish a cosy.
Everyone loves a teddy bear, even grown up women.  Especially grown up women.

Some women just keep coming back for more.  Three of you didn't get enough last October.

That knitting tea cosies, and knitting tea cosies together make us VERY HAPPY.

Come play TEA COSIES avec moi! click here.

The KNITTY lessons

Knitting in the round on 2 circular needles.

Stranding two colours in the round.

Stranding two colours in ROWS.

Picot edging.

'Reading' your knitting so that you know where you are up to without having to tick off every instruction on your pattern.

How increasing and decreasing patterns form sculptural shapes.

A knitted collar on a spout and handle opening make a tea cosy SHINE.


Ms. Kimba said…
I was at an antique show yesterday and I seen so many teapots and you know what went through my head? You, tea cosies..god!!!! haha :)
ritarenata said…
wow, I waaaaant it toooooooooo. to be part of such workshop. looks so genious.
o god , so far!
Robyn said…
I wish that I too could be there to learn and share.

Love love love what you do :)
Ms Bubblefish said…
Well may you 'bang on' when you've got something so luscious to bang on about!!!
You seem to single-handedly be increasing the consumption of tea (leaves), which we're told adds lots of wonderful antioxidants to our systems and increases our longevity. Actually, you are doing such a huge service to hu(wom)anity, I say, keep banging on, for the good of our health. It's your national duty!
What fun to see lots of cozies in a row!
Anonymous said…
The cosies are just lovely..And guess what Teacher!!! Granny ordered some more circ needles size 4 to make a creation at home.. The circular needles WONT beat me.

AND OMG all that Noro wool on the shelves there in that Bowral shop..l am drooling...
Lotsa Luv,
Hahnsmum of Bingara, NSW
barra said…

Love your tea cosies, would you be able to tell me what book the turquoise bottom and circles in shades of pink is in please.


Grand Purl Baa said…
Hello Ms Barra

I am sad to say that that tea cosy is not in either book ...

Or rather that it will be in book 3 yet to be published - yet to be put together - but definitely on the way.

Sorry. But something to look forward to.

barra said…
Thanks Leonie, will look forward to book 3.


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