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Working Tea Cosies

One is often asked if one SELLS one's tea cosies.

One does not.

But they are WORKING tea cosies and these nine little beauties have been working very hard for Her Highnessness on High (c'est Moi naturellement)

click on photos to embiggen

 Zees eez 'ow zay looked at zee Power'owze Moozeeum in Sidenny when zay were zere.

See!  Anything can become an objet d'art stuck in a glass cabinet with a label and some good down lighting.

Photos: Sotha Bourn. Reproduced courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum.

OK OK so one was pretty pleased with oneself.
Have the Mongolian Sock Warriors had a showing yet on this blog?  Woolly minds cannot be expected to remember everything.

AND these same nine cosies were all present and correct, working hard, showing off, at the Textile Arts Festival on at the Brisbane Exhibitions Centre on the weekend.

That hussy Coral Punk just loves the lime light doesn't she? 
Six more working cosies trot off to the Powerhouse Museum Discovery Centre at Cast…

Pretty Lucky

Sung to I Feel Pretty

I feel lucky,
Oh, so lucky,
I feel lucky and plucky, hooray!
And I pity
Any girl who isn't me today.

See the lucky girl in that mirror there:
Who can that hyperactive girl be?
Such a lucky face,
Such a lucky dress,
Such a lucky smile,
Such a lucky me!

I feel sunny,
And funny,
Feel like making and cracking a joke,
For I'm loved
By a pretty wonderful Bloke!
52 today
52 today
I'm more than one
I'm more than two
I'm much more than three
52 today.

Things I'm still learning ...

1. that even complete strangers will tackle one to the ground for a swift suede fix.

2.  that iPads have the ability to transform one from lovable show off into annoying exhibitionist, whipping it out all over the place.

3. that one ought not to wait for a birthday to take a 90 minute massage at a Balinese spa.
LOST AND FOUND You might have noticed in a bookshop window near you (Down Under) - tea cosies galore.

Most of them have been my own but some have been …

Banging on about Bowral

One has already posted about Bowral and the Wild Knitting Workshop given at Wool Addiction...

But as this is ONE'S OWN blog one gets to bang on about Bowral as much as one wants.

Some important lessons were learnt.

Like: Don't believe women in bright checkered jumpers who say they are not really knitters.

And: It is true what the teacher says about the size of tea pots and being able to finish a cosy.
Even: Everyone loves a teddy bear, even grown up women.  Especially grown up women.

Happily: Some women just keep coming back for more.  Three of you didn't get enough last October.

Mostly: That knitting tea cosies, and knitting tea cosies together make us VERY HAPPY.

Come play TEA COSIES avec moi! click here.

The KNITTY lessons

Knitting in the round on 2 circular needles.

Stranding two colours in the round.

Stranding two colours in ROWS.

Picot edging.

'Reading' your knitting so that you know where you are up to without having to tick off every instruction on your pattern.

How in…

You ARE there!

You ARE there!  Yes you are!  How you shine for me!

As do bright pink socks (no not knitted - hush now) and Minnie Mouse shoes.  Foot Left and Foot Right were very cheerful today.

I admit - that last post? - it was a little cry for ... something ... I'm not sure what ... no... it was a cry for what came back...

Purls ( and Pearls )
Here are some of the things you said - which ought to be listed in a list somewhere of famous quotes.  For they ought to be famous for their fabulousness.

Read!  Just SOME of your comments via the blog and some by email.

After which we will all do a group hug.  Yes we will.  You lovely lovely Bloggy Nutters. And Nutty Bloggers.

Now imagine speech bubbles coming out of each of these woolly grey mouths....
Sometimes in the midst of the worst scenarios ever, the only thin connection to sanity is in knitting a tea cosythe mysterious Paige B

Here's to joy and frivolity and hope. And cats.Shelly

The little things really are the big things.Chrissy


BIG lives.

Before Christmas I pontificated very seriously about circles and blogging, for some of my blogging friends were doubting the value of their bloggy friendships and the point of blogging at all.  It seems to be a common question that arises for bloggers when their life gets BIG.

My own life has been BIG since about October last year.  It is about to get even BIGGER. But though it is my story, it is NOT my story to tell.  It belongs to someone else, close, very close, and it is his to tell - or not.

The point being that when life gets BIG (read 'hard' 'frightening' 'crap'), one doubts the meaning of all the little things - like blogging about knitting for God's sake.

Don't you just hate that.  Someone tells you that there is something BIG to tell but then doesn't tell it.  I HATE that.  Why say anything at all?  Why not just pretend that all is fabbo?  I think I speak here now, not for the friendly strangers, but rather for the strange friends, the fr…

Nose Job

Hey Jules, does my nose look big in this?

About Maths
Just when one is getting used looking  FORTY and feeling pleased with oneself for looking FORTY until one is FIFTY,  and though there are only TEN years between FORTY and FIFTY, FIFTEEN years have deposited themselves on one's face overnight.

OK OK so one is about to celebrate staying alive and mostly out of trouble for FIFTY TWO years, which means one only looks THREE years older than one akchooally is.

Why is it that looking anything older than TWENTY SEVEN is crap.
Still!  It is a noice beanie don't you think?

The Joy of Seven

SEVEN funny clever beautiful women came to Wool Addiction in Bowral this week.

Look how happy they are.  Annie, Donna, Mary, Louise, Karen, Sharon and Michelle.

Sitting and talking and knitting and eating cake and making tea cosies (and a beanie) will do that to you.

And as SEVEN is wont to do, it grew into EIGHT on the second day when Maria joined us.  Maria exercised her right not to be photographed but believe me, her face was as full of life and light and wool as these faces.
SEVEN HUNDRED women and SEVEN brave men, came to the Sydney local ABC Radio Knit In to knit blankets for the Wrapped with Love project.

This picture shows them concentrating with busy fingers.  But if you could have HEARD them, you would know their joy... 
 C'est moi sharing this Noice Nut's relationship beanie while being interviewed on Radio.  You don't know what a relationship beanie is?

Neither did I.

And I didn't know what a "Wrapped In Love" blanket was either - not really - not…

books books books books

In the spirit of 'what goes around comes around' - in a good way - here are two beautiful books filled with gorgeous, stylish knits for those of you with little ones in your life.

Now I am going to give both of them away but there are guidelines to my give away and they go like this

One book will go to a random visitor who comments here AND who lives in Australia.

And one book will go to a random visitor who has two daughters in law of Italian decent and who lives in a street, it's name beginning with 'm'  and who has 4 little ones in her life and who answers to the name of Dawnnie.

Comment by Thursday 12.00 noon Australian Eastern Standard time

And for a lot more beautiful children's knitting Milla Mia

I'm in Sydney at the mo
Yesterday had the funnest time at the ABC 702 Knit In and vintage shopping with lifeinthedome.
Today I pick up the tea cosy display at the Powerhouse Museum and lunch with grrl+dog
Tomorrow I train it to Bowral to give a workshop at t…

Gawd ! It's here already!

Gawd Damn!  Blast and double blast!  I can't believe it is here already and I haven't even done a proper post about it.

So if you are at a loss for something to do tomorrow, Saturday, and you live with in a hundred Ks of Gympie....

Then you ought to wander off to the Gympie Rotary Quilt & Craft Spectacular for many many reasons not least of which the Queen of the Tea Cosies will be there with Nine Knitted Tea Cosies on exhibition, signing books and generally being noice to anyone at all who wants someone to be noice to them.

Sort of like free hugs.

But NOT free hugs.
Free noiceness.

Come on.  What's the difference.  Yes yes the pompoms are tangerine rather than fiery orange.

But what else.  What ELSE?

Thinking to oneself....
I could CHARGE for hugs.
Now there's a thought.

Some People

Some people...

... make me smile so hard it hurts.

That's got to be a good thing yes?

No doubt you all already know about these completely nutty women.

I have of late been having a bit of a correspondence with Kay Gardiner of the Mason-Dixon duo. A sort of brazen "Hello Kay, My name is Loani Prior and I have a book I'd like to send you" correspondence. And a "You look like two completely nutty women. You might enjoy it".

My mum always said about personal comments "if in doubt take it as a compliment". Well Kay and Anne's mums must have said the same thing because thankfully they have embraced "two completely nutty women" for the high praise that it is and, perhaps by way of acknowledgment, have shown off my book to their side of the world with a give away.

Kay sent me "a photo of the only tea cosy I've ever committed",  her own funny, lovely, knitted, one day hier loom tea cosy.  Oi LOIKE it.  Yes oi do.

Thanks Gals…

Tea Cosies Galore

Once upon a time in Sherwood Forest there lived two women, mother and daughter, Princess Lynda and Princess Alix and they loved wool and all things crafty so much that they bought a yarn store.

Look at that - the tea cosy sticking out of Lynda's head is a witches hat.   Have none of it, for it is a disguise, a ruse, a pretense. 

If Princess Lynda really is a witch, she is of the best kind and will magic up all kinds of woolly and thready and fabricy things for you.

Biggest Morning Tea
Tea Cosy Competition

On Sunday morning last, all these people played tea cosy very nicely with each other at the princesses yarn store.

The Queen's job was to judge the tea cosies against each other.

A sad and frustrating business to say the least when EVERY tea cosy deserves a medal.  Who's idea was it anyway to measure one against the other - but even Queens are vulnerable to the promise of flowing black coffee (coffee til midday, tea til midnight) and chocolate biscuits - and so the job was…