Wash Day

Wash day
Email day
Organise day
Put the 'big rubbish on the footpath to be carted away' day.

Ah so many ways to fill up the time between coming home and going away.

Thursday one flies to Sydney to stay at one's favourite Artarmon B&B (one's sister in law's).

Friday one flies to Nundle to play tea cosy with 12 wonderful women. (You are wonderful aren't you?!)

Nundle, a town about a 40 minute drive south of the famous country music town of Tamworth where the Woollen Mill grows.

Sunday one flies home to The Bloke and chilli pork chops on a bed of pasta and wilted rocket.   (Got that Jules?)

Monday one drives to Brisbane for the Saviours of the Lost Arts Craft Workshops where one will pontificate on, along with others, the possibilities of...

Making It Big: Turning a Passion for Craft into a Viable Business! 

Now there's a biggy.

And here you are, some of you, on the Sunshine Coast and in Hobart, showing and telling, and playing tea cosy so very nicely with me.

Dam I love that.

Garden Party in Jo Sharp yarn - off to Knit Jo Sharp shop in Cottesloe in Perth.

Oh yeah and here is moi at Port Arthur, south of Hobart on Sunday after I slammed my right pointer in the car door, which required serious first aid by the lovely Debra.

I'm such a big girl. I didn't cry very long at all. (See me smiling). I thought it was the end of my knitting days but then one is a Drama Queen as well as the Queen of the Tea Cosies and just 2 days later it types this post with the teeniest of discomfort.

I thought you'd be pleased about that.


Ms. Kimba said…
I'm there in spirit :)
Tea cozies are lovely, now all I need are tea pots when I move so I can knit these little cuties up!
Stafford Ray said…
Thank goodness we are back at cosies. I just had to tell somebody who understands my attraction to my old cosy.
But it became so grotty visitors were turned off to the point that some even asked for a tea bag! Well, it had not been washed in about eight years since it started its journey with me on Tiziana! So now with a new cosy on the pot, old grotty gets a bath! I just hope (sniff) it survives!
Alex said…
Kiss Kiss There There....now that feels better doesn't it????
Stafford Ray said…
Someone understands!
Much better, thank you!
Stafford Ray said…
My, you do get around! Reading your recent blogs from top to bottom. Nundle, Melbourne and Port Arthur. Everyone cries at Port Arthur but most don't need a car door to bring on the tears. A place of tragic ghosts.

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