Time for SOCKS

Hey!  (yelled across the room to The Bloke)  So what's the weather today in Melbourne?  (He loves looking up the weather.)

Eight to fifteen (Centigrade).  Showers.  Windy.

Definitely time for hand knitted woolen socks.

These - a long time in the making between tea cosies.

And these.

Remember these?  Still virgin.  About to be deflowered in Melbourne and Hobart.


Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Definitely time for hand knitted socks. You will need coat and hat too. A blast of cold air is about to sweep across the south-eastern states.....tomorrow's forecast here is 1C to 9C max :-O Brrrrrrrrrr
Ms. Kimba said…
oi! Thats kind of cccolld! Has been warm and we even had a lovely 27c already this year and it's not even summer yet!

By the way, love the socks! I have an issue where I knit one and hate making the second
Stafford Ray said…
'Rock 'n roll I gave you all the best years of my life...etc etc!'

Just received a 'mothers day' tea cosy, (tried to upload a photo for you) and now we're into sox!

'... always one step behind you.'
Shell Sherree said…
I'm glad your virginal ones are knee-high. All the better in those t-t-temperatures.

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