Prepared Earlier

Now as I am in Melbourne - must find a wool shop must find a wool shop must find a wool shop - I prepared this post earlier.

Clever People
As if you need help wandering off all over the place but here it is anyway.

One fabulous new blog usually leads to an EXPONENTIAL number of fabulous new blogs. And here are just three to help you wile away the hours.

Takashi Iwasaki

Me and The Bloke are pontificating on a New York holiday later in the year.

I need to go if for no other reason than to visit this magnificent place.

The Purl Bee

On Saturday I sat outside a local bookstore, Berkelouws Eumundi to sign books for Mother's Day.

I met all kinds of lovely clever people.
Great to meet you Lynette and your mum too.

Lynette Anderson


Ms. Kimba said…
hey if you don't go to new york to look at that shop then I will! I didn't realize thats where it was...only a short drive(i think)..why not?
Ms. Kimba said…
hehe...2 hour drive time I'm there! Thanks for the tip!
Allison said…
I found your new book today - I am in awe. I've never made a tea cosy but I think I may have to now!
Ginga Squid said…
Amazing embroidery - so brilliant.

Gosh - wouldn't visiting that shop just be so dangerous? I drool over it online all the time!
Jacqui said…
Very thoughtful of you to leave us something to read - tis very quiet in my blogosphere at the moment - think I need to seek out more chicken freaks and other types too I suppose! Just rescued Gum Nut from the dizzy heights of the Dome (Buffy doesn't realise he can't fly yet). Poor little thing was shivering all over. Have fun in Malborn (isn't that how they pronounce it down there :)

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