Original Ideas

Betty Burlesque
Revealed herself from a vintage pattern.

Sleeveless in Seattle
A response to a cardigan gone wrong.

Modern Primitive
Memories of a childhood in Papua New Guinea.

Original but not original.
I am in love with the idea that there is no such thing as a new idea but only variations, extensions - more that can be said perhaps. 

I did not invent the knitted square.  I did not invent the square knitted on the diagonal but do you KNOW how many ways a knitted square can be used on a tea pot.

The old "what if" question works wonders on the creativity hormone.

The Ode to the Lime


Anonymous said…
OMG- All those teapots.l have been going to any shop that looks like it might have a teapot hiding in its depths. Seems Loani Pryor has started something here for old Granny C from Bingara.. Dead set nuts, bout teacosies, teapots , & bright wool. My spare room is bursting at the seams.
Just CANNOT wait for Nundle .!!
Bingara, NSW, OZ
bowerbirdz said…
Oh! That enamel teapot is just fabulous! What a great collection! Love your (revamped???) originals!
grrl + dog said…


yes the new spin on the original.

The makeover

the remix

the mash up

the postodern concept that says it's ok to nick and twist anything and then call it yer own.
Ms. Kimba said…
I say all the work you do is great, original, beautiful and vibrant! And I just love how you have all the various teapots together..beautiful aren't they?
jwami said…
If I make a tea cosy according to one of the patterns in Loani's book, it is not an "original".

If I make a cosy using Loani's pattern but I change the colours and add some other embellishments, it is still not an "original".

The reason is, Loani is the one who came up with the idea for that cosy. Her's is the "original" cosy.

There are certain knitting techniques (like the one used for Betty) that are particularly suitable for tea cosies. It makes a lot of sense to use them. Just because they've been used on a tea cosy before doesn't mean that the technique can't be used in new and original ways.

I like to imagine how the man from Papua New Guinea would respond if he saw the tea cosy that was inspired by his mask!
Jacqui said…
Yes, post-modern mash up...or new angels on old ideas...and bloody brilliant whichever way you choose to look at it.

Nice little spot of collecting there. I love Betty. I think I'm going to have to make her.
amanda said…
I need a Betty! She is fabulous!

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