03 May 2010

Mad Funny Women

Suzie's tea cosies.

I LERVE how ideas twist and turn and mash and become something else entirely.

I LERVE how, given permission, a creative spark becomes a fire.

I LERVE how girls just wanna have fun.

Jenny's Knitted Collar

I LERVE how you say hello.

I LERVE how you show me your knitted stuff.

I LERVE how you are joiners.

Jenny has become an Ambassador of the Knitted Collar.  Eeeek!   Do I feel another blog coming on?


Shell Sherree said...

Such creativity ~ lervely!

Anonymous said...

LOOVE the second teacosy. The first one is certainly a wild one.
Ready to fly away praps!!!

from Bingara, NSW

Luvvie said...

fabulous stuff - and to think I couldn't decide which cosy to make next...now I know!!

a good yarn said...

Fabulous! I have just received your book - Really Wild Tea Cozies - for my birthday and I can't wait to make some...no all...of them! Ann :-)