I think I can I think I can I know I can I

Knitting is a funny old thing, don't you think.

One knits away happily thinking one is pretty damn good at it and can do anything and everything that requires clicking two needles together....

...until of course one tries to do something new.

Like Fair Isle.

The Queen of the Tea Cosies found her royal interest piqued in the art of Fair Isle quite some time hence.

Those first attempts at weaving (or stranding) colour evoked the most unqueenly behaviour.
However, one is presently feeling extremely pleased with oneself.

So pleased as to show off this Bella Princepessa (or hippy hat) and to strut about the palace full of pride.

It only took a year to master this new technique.

So those of you who think you should be able to do everything first time, perhaps those of you who might have struggled with the "Knitting in the Round on Two Circular Needles"  thingy - you are not alone - even Queens are tested in knitting the new.

Kristin Nicholas' book Color by Kristin wrapped it all up beautifully for one.
There is so much to blog about at the moment so one is inclined to list the coming posts here....

1.  There are 2 books to give away - two books filled with beautiful children's knitwear from Sweden

2.  Threads and More Biggest Morning Tea cosy competition - the results are in.

3.  Off to Gympie Craft Fair this coming weekend.

4. Oh and a new iPad!!!!!


lynne h said…
oh, that is a wonderful hat there, loani... the queen of tea cosies will look smashing strutting about in it... xo
theemutsfeest said…
You're Princepessa is indeed Belle! I love to see Fair Isle, I begin every time and after three days I hate Fair Isle.... Maybe there's hope for me....
Chrisy said…
Hey dear girl, Have been trying to visit for a few days but your butler wouldn't let me in! But my it is lookin fabulous in here... I haven't tried Fair Isle but gosh it must be difficult if it's taken you this long to conquer it. Thank you honey for your wellness wishes and your unique uplifting view of life. My love to you.
Stafford Ray said…
I think I will get by with wearing my new tea cosy as a beanie. Fair Isle is too hard for me, miss genius!
lilly piri said…
I'm amazed by how you can make all these things! I'm having a tough time just crocheting my first amigurimi toy.
Ms. Kimba said…
ahhhhhh! I can finally post. For some reason your blog seemed to not come up for me for 2 days. i was sad...and now whats this about swedish knitwear? I used to live in sweden not so long ago so you piqued my interest :)

the hat is Lurvvvllyy! nice colorwork and the tea cosies in the post above? everyone looked like they had a fab time, good on you!

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