Coming Out

Tea Cosy Fetishists have been coming out!
All over Australia!

It's as if you just needed a little excuse... come out with your friends and show off your tea cosies.

You funny funny lot you.
Thank goodness for you.

This week ...

6.00 pm
Tuesday 11 May
Sun Bookshop
RSVP:  (03)  9689 0661
11.00 am
Wednesday 12 May
Can Do Books
RSVP:  (03)  9813 5222

6.30 pm
Wednesday 12 May
Readings Books
RSVP:  (03)  9819 1917
6.30 pm

Thursday 13 May
Fullers Bookshop
RSVP:  (03)  6234 3800


Ms. Kimba said…
I wish you luck with all your ventures, but I do have a question for there a way for me to get one of your lovely t-shirts here in the usa? I would love to have one..thanks x
Grand Purl Baa said…
Hello Ms Kimba
Sadly the t shirts are not for sale. I just had a very few made to give to my family and friends and some lucky people who attend my book events.

But thank you for asking.
Ms. Kimba said…
aww ok. Well I will wear one in spirit then :)
grrl + dog said…
Of course I am iin love with

the cup cake since

it is in my

chosen pallette.

The tour continues...
Jejune said…
OOh there's me! I've got to give your knitted t-shirt collar a try before warmer weather appears down here :)

Hope your Melbourne and Hobart visits are as successful as your others, if not more so!
Lyn said…
Oh darn! I must have missed reading about you coming to Melbourne! I would have loved to have you take a workshop at our guild (Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria), but maybe next time you're down this way? Please?

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