Cats Cosies and Colour

It's been a while since we had a Wes photo.

Wes The Cat, otherwise known as Wozza The King of Cats or Storm Kitty, a term of (false) endearment given by this mad chook, but we will forgive her for she knows not what Wild Wesley was pontificating when he lept great leaps and bounds in a magnificent Ankle Attack on her own thorough bred legs.

And still she loved him.

One felt an unaccountable urge to show Grecian Lovely again in this extremely arty farty foto.

The way the morning light peeps through the wooden blind onto the wool and wood and feathery flounce has me swooning.

Why didn't one show this photo phirst?!
Feast your eyes on the glorious and joyous colours ripe for tea cosy making.

Nundle wool.
Nundle wool.
Nundle wool.

Hi ho hi ho it's off to Nundle I go.

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  (sung to the tune of 'Tomorrow')


Monika said…
Beuatiful cat, love the tea cosy, and I like the name Nundle too. It sounds funny. Oh all that gorgeous wool, sunny and bright!
Alex said…
chuck Wes under the chin for me...such a handsome puss....have a wonderful wonderful time.....
Shell Sherree said…
Aww, Wes. You always melt me. Wish your mum a happy-Nundling for me.
You have an eye for colours. Those colors speaks to me. So beautiful!
Your cat is really adorable. Have a great time!
Anonymous said…
For all those of you who missed out on the ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS Wkend at Nundle Woollen Mill, you just do not knoe what yous missed.. l was the old drama queen in the corner getting into trouble for talking & not working ( joke, joke, ) .. Am at mo looking at my brand spanking newest book, REALLY WILD TEACOSIES, wondering which cosy to start first.. THANKS heaps Loani, Was tryly lovely to finally meet you in the flesh as it were !!! Bestest Regards, HAHNSMUM from Bingara ,((Almost wrote Nundle there for a mo seeing l used to live there..))
Jacqui said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacqui said…
Um hm...sorry, that was me double commenting/posting/something confusing. Anyhoos...

Storm Kitty, who can resist those eyes? And the stealth attack executed with the calm of an assassin? Wezzy-woo, I miss you (when I'm not sitting in your chair that is). Give him a wub from me (just don't tell him it's from me or you might loose a finger)(joke joke) I DO love him I do!

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