The Book Tour Ends

The 19 stop book tour has ended.  What a treat this knitted life is.

Now to workshops starting with Nundle next week.  A full house I understand.  Thanks Nick.

Introducing Grecian Lovely

She is winging her way to the new Knit Jo Sharp shop in Perth, Western Australia to show how fab the REALLY Wild Tea Cosies look dressed in Jo Sharp wool as well as Nundle wool.

Nundle wool will come to you fast and easy by ordering from the Mill by the way.

This Grecian Lovely is made up in Jo Sharp Classic DK.

One has been buying books again.  Cooking and Knitting.

It was this on the back of Gran's kitchen that sealed the deal for me.

"The Importance of Jam and cream in bonding a community should not be underestimated."

And neither should knitting.

Knitted toys?  One does not need a reason to buy a book does one?


Baa-Me Kniits said…
That knitted giraffe is so excuse necessary to buy a book at all :-)
jwami said…
Grecian Lovely - Oh So EleGhant! Shape and colours, all fabulous.
Ginga Squid said…
She looks like she is enjoying being outside! What are those fab feathers from - some funny yet fabulous Aussie creature?
Ms Bubblefish said…
Have a great time at Nundle!! And a rest, somewhere. Such lovely highs you've been on lately.
Alison Friday said…

Very jealous you have such fantastic tea cosys;-)
Jacqui said…
oh so the Australian book tour has ended - well done!! When you mentioned New York well I had this picture in my head of you flying around the States on another book tour. Just a thought...

Quite right, about the jam and cream. And the toys, well, is there a chicken in there?
Another wonderful work. The design and the color is all perfect!Hoping you have a wonderful week filled with inspiration and laughter.

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