Braaak!  Braaak!
One has been running about the ether like a chook without it's head.

The website has died.
The domain name is lost.
The Tea Cosy Nuts are scattered.
The Grand Purl Baa is bereft.

Technology is a wonderful thing...

... when it WORKS!

Or more correctly, when one UNDERSTANDS it.  

One is resting from it until after Easter when one will admit defeat and use a skilled professional to fix one's web mess.

In the meantime there is the blog for those of you who have persisted and found me here at .blogspot.com

So - something pretty - Garden Party - featured on the back of RWTC.

Yes!  There is PRETTY in the book too.


Ginga Squid said…
Hurrah for Skilled Professionals, even though they can be quite expensive!

Sorry to hear that you have misplaced your website somewhere - I'm sure it will come crawling back to you sometime soon?

That is a gorgeously bright and textured Tea Cosy!
jwami said…
So, it turns out that learning japanese is not so easy, best to spend your time on doing what you do EVER so well which is design and make and write patterns for WILD, and PRETTY, and just generally GORGEOUS tea cosies, and find a tame professional to do this other stuff. Do you have a 'Talent Exchange' in your area? There must be an IT boff out there willing to trade with the Queen of Cosies??
Jacqui said…
phew! I was having a minor anxiety attack there - Where's my Purlie? Where's my Purlie? OK, all good now. Sorry your site got gebroken, hope it gets gefixed today. Yah to have you back.
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
The website looked lovely ((((Loani)))). I am sorry it disappeared into a www black hole.

Definitely get someone to do it for you.
You have too many other wonderful things happening to be worried about the intricacies of setting up a website.

Take charge girl. You design and let the web guru do the leg work. ;-)
Sue said…
Love the tea cosy! So pretty all those colours.

Yes I noticed that the website had died....that song keeps going around my head "turning japanese I think I'm turning japanese I really think so!".........Keep designing, it's what you do best and get some tech wiz to do the website, its what they do best!
Jejune said…
Oh bum about the web site, sorry it didn't work out! It was good, though, worth persevering with, with a professional to hand :)

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