Today's Treats

Last week - Brisbane Independent Bookstores - Number 9.

This week - NATIONAL Independent Bookstores - Number 7.
with a picture! Tea hea hea.
Sydney Morning Herald - Saturday 24 April

Perhaps if I killed off Stieg Larsson we could be Number 1.
Oh that's right!  He's dead already!

Being Roger

Top Left:  Starring Roger Rampant (spoken with a French Accent)
Top Right:  This Queen of the Chooks gave him his name
Bottom Left:  This wonderful woman drew his portrait
Bottom Right: Roger The Drawing takes up residence with moi.

Liz bought Loani's book
Loani bought Liz's original drawing...
which came in the post this week with a most magnificent card
and even a most magnificent invoice...

all of which will be kept for provenance.
I had hoped that my cosies would be knitted
Not in a million years would I have imagined they'd be drawn


Ms Bubblefish said…
Only removed Comment due to my derelict grammar. Why Blogger records such shame is beyond me!

Anyhoo, your Grand High Pooh BaaNess only seems to get grander and grander, which is very pleasing. Wishing you Teapots full of happibaaness!

And Liz's sketches of the Cosy Club are Grand as well, adding to the general grandness of it all.
Sue said…
Yes Very Grand! Congratulations Loani!
Ms. Kimba said…
VERY nice indeed.
You're doing something we all wish for but don't succeed in. Though I know it doesn't come easy, getting published is hard work...been trying myself just to get in a knit magazine...that in itself is hard enough!

So good job, keep doing what your doing and be very proud that your the John Wayne of knitted coziness :)
Gidgetknits said…
Fantastic! It's soaring up the charts. :-) Congratulations. And I thought I recognised someone chicken-related there.
Jacqui said…
Snap! I took that EXACT photo this morning ... of the bestseller list ... while browsing through the paper my friends left yesterday. Look! Look!! Number 7!!! Alas, I couldn't have sent it 'cause I can't find the thingamy-jig that downloads my pics so you'll just have to believe me!

Ahh very Rampant. It's a beautiful drawing indeed.

And there's that cake you don't have that at all your launches!

Well done lovely woman x
grrl + dog said…
You will be needing dark glasses for all the cosies soon...

and a security dude

with matching sunglasses.
planettreasures said…
who'd a thunk it?
A mad knitting teacosies book at #7!
or a knitting mad teacosies book
or ................
That's special!
Jejune said…
Awesome!! Congrats!!

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