Playing Tea Cosy

Here you are playing tea cosy so nicely together.

Thank you thank you thank you for coming to say hello and listen to me rabbit on for a bit and bring your show and tell and drink and be merry.

All in together at..

Shearers, Leichhardt, Sydney
Ariel, Paddington, Sydney
Hornsby Library, Hornsby, Sydney
Paperchain, Manuka, Canberra

Gees you made me laugh!
I had a bloody good toim.

You lovely lovely women.
And some lovely men too.
And the odd lovely child.
And now for this week in Brisbane.

Wednesday 14 April
6.00 pm
Black Cat Books
Latrobe Tce

Saturday 17 April
1.00 pm
Threads and More 
Yarn store
Sherwood Road

click on photos to embiggen.


That's what you are you tea cosy fetishists you.


Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Oh how fantastically grand. So glad you had such a great time.
Shell Sherree said…
I'll do my dangdest to pop in at one of these Brisbane outings, Loani! I'll be the only one there who pretty much can't knit.
lynne h said…
wow, loani, look at all of these people!

(i am here clapping and smiling : )

Jacqui said…
ah so I can add "tea cosy fetishist" to the list now. Very good! It's almost time to update my CV too.

It was a very fun night thank you Queen of the Tea Cosies. And I'm loving the book.

AND the cake was VERY GOOD.
Quite a trip! Looks like you are having fun.
elsiee said…
i would have totally come out and played tea cozy with you myself! your crowd looks immeasurably happy to be in your presence - BRAVA!!
grrl + dog said…
I have to tell you

I was practically


and mugged for that

t shirt

at Tafta textile forum!

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