May Workshops x TWO

Little Miss Cupcake (RWTC)

21-23 May (2 and 1/2 days)
Wild Knitting
Nundle Woolen Mill

only 3 places left

We will use the iconic tea cosy and the yummy Nundle wool to learn knitting techniques to stand you in good stead for any knitting project.

27-28 May (2 days)

Wild Knitting - Noosa RETREAT
Sunshine Coast - Eumarella Shores, Lake Weyba
10 places only
$480 includes tuition

The WHOLE package - 2 nights in beautiful holiday accommodation

Lunch and morning and afternoon teas

After knitting each day?
Lake Weyba
Noosa National Park
Noosa River
Hastings Street shopping
Noosa Beach
Extend your stay into the weekend.

Email Me for course outline and booking information.

Errrr.   Is this what you call French Knitting  Gawn.  Have a look!


Defy any man to consider knitting unsexy after viewing that clip.
Tee hee hee .....
grrl + dog said…
very cute video,

kinda non sexy really,
but visually enticing.

now tell us about the big one in august???
Ginga Squid said…
Love the video! Naughty blue wool.
little hat said…
Being a bloke I was wanting the wool to unravel not ravel. How sexy would that be. My beloved is knitting right now (while I cook dinner!). I wonder if she's knitting me a surprise?
Chrisy said…
Apparently all knitting authors are expencted to do a bit of that french knitting at their book signings these days....what colour would complement your unadorned flesh my dear,,,,,
ps hope you're holding up well to all the love to you...

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