Look What YOU Did

This afternoon one visited Threads and More

One's excitement got the better of one which caused one's loss of memory.

One forgot to take photos until everyone left.

So here is one - with one's friend of 28 years - Olix. Errr. Not her real name.

Gels at heart.  Just gels.  (that's a hard 'g' said in posh English accent)

And then there is the fabulous Anisse who works and knits at Threads and More.  What a cheerful gel you are.

And LOOK at your fab tea cosies.

And the very lovely Anne wot made these two cosies so beautifully from RWTC and will give the knitting workshop as part of the Gympie Craft Show in June.

Thank you Lynda and Alix at Threads and More for taking such good care of me today and playing tea cosy so nicely with me.

And LOOK what YOU did.

You put Really Wild Tea Cosies on a bestseller list.

Yes you did.  No. 9 in the Independent Booksellers list.
Brisbane Better Bookstores.  Hey that is still a ...

Woo hoo!





Click on to embiggen


grrl + dog said…

barely escaping with my dignity intact

one woman got very snippy when she asked how I'd gotten a t shirt

and I told her.

Then I met an owner of a bookstor in NZ who just got your book in.

I can see why it's a hit.


knows about it.
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Wow. That's absolutely brilliant. I'm so pleased for you Loani. Well done indeed.

Adore the tea cosies the gels have made. They are wonderful.

I think the gels should show 'em of on WFTC
Ginga Squid said…
Wow - Top 10 Gel! Congrats, you deserve it wot with all your hard work & fab knitted collars! V x
Shell Sherree said…
Argh, sorry I missed out on seeing you. I'm sure a fine time was had by all the gels. And WooHoo on the best seller list!!
Luvvie said…
I'm far too busy to comment!! I'm having such fun knitting up Modern Primitive.. ...wasn't today fun??? I think we reached Nirvana....wool...patterns...tea... cake....great women and one or two very tolerant blokes - bless them - and in the top ten luvvie - well done you!!!
Ms. Kimba said…
awww wish I could come and see! I'll just have to admire you from afar. Though the fiancee' keeps mentioning how he wants to make a trip to Oz someday....

Here's to hoping he hits the Powerball Lottery tonight..haha!
Then I'll get to see for myself :)
lynne h said…
can i start clapping again? (hee, hee, hee)

Jacqui said…
or just plain Fucking Fantastic!! (sorry Julian)

Hello Olix, I like your shirt!!

Wow - top ten. You are a star!!
Stacey said…
Congratulations on the top 10!
Also, looks like a lovely store... will stop by when I get to Brisbane :)
Sue said…
Congratulatios Loani! Top 10 WHOO HOO!!
Ms Bubblefish said…
WOW! Whodathoughtit?
A tea cosy book making a best seller list. How absolutely fabulous! Well done you! Mwah!!
debi said…
i designed the pesky rabbits in the grassy warren tea cosy in the photo, its over on my webshop debibirkin.com if any ladies fancy it, i must say this lady made a lovely job of making it, it took me 3 months to design.
Grand Purl Baa said…
Hello Debi
Thank you for that. Are you on Rav? Do you have that pattern there?

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