Eeeeek! ERRATA!


Yes.  Horror of horrors.  There are Errata in Really Wild Tea Cosies!  Mistakes.  Bugger ups!

Well there is ONE mistake - with the crocheted rose on Page 123. Does that make it ERRATUM - until of course you find more (that is not an invitation or a challenge mind).

I am on bended knee, bowing to the floor, prostrating myself in your presence.

Begging your forgiveness.

What IS it about crocheted roses!?

If you think you have found anything amiss - do not hesitate to email me.
But please - sleep on it first.  I find that always helps in trying to figure out a knitting pattern.

Of course if you simply want help with something....

Sleeveless in Seattle.  RWTC. 

I know I know.  There are other cosies with the same name.

Twin Tea Cosies showing off at the Powerhouse Museum for instance.

Well I know about 6 Julies and 3 Ellens and 4 Annes and I even know another Loani.

The point being that many cosies can have the same name.  It fits the criteria.  It is made from a sleeve - "the sleeve of an old man's jumper".  Or should that be "the sleeve of a man's old jumper".  Or perhaps the "old sleeve of a man's jumper".

Or a woman's jumper...

I'm going now.  It is time for a second coffee - coffee til midday - tea til midnight.


Knit 'n' Stitch said…
There are only 'Improvements' in my world. Errata simply don't exist. I Adore The Jesters improvements. They complete him, just as a tie can complete a bloke's attire.

The sweater sleeve tea cosies are very ingenious, but I can't bring myself to cut into the favourite fair-isle jumper that has long since felted and is far too small. Maybe one day! In the meantime I shall be on the lookout for suitable sweaters in the Op shops.
Anonymous said…
That latest is so clever.. And here was old me thinking-that looks like a big sock..But a mans jumper sleever..SO SO clever.. Regards, Hahnsmum..
Bingara, NSW, OZ..
Jacqui said…
bloody crochet, it'll do it to you every time! But I'm glad I know 'cause to be honest I probably would have started with a crocheted rose just to see if I could do it...

Hmm...verification is 'ovity'. I like it...sounds like an exclamation "Ovity! My darn crochet rose is missing a stitch"...

...anyway, just goes to show you even Queens can make errata/um - there's hope for us all!
Tea said…
Ha, no bother! My crochet patterns are never right according to some. ;)
Enjoy all the wonderfulness in your lovely new book, Ms. Tea Cosy Queen!
lynne h said…
oh, i do love 'sleeveless in seattle'... and you are looking most Queenly in your sidebar pic... xo
Pam de Groot said…
I passed the local book store yesterday and saw a green bobble tea cosy I thought I recognised from your avatar. Here it was amongst many other fine looking tea cosies. Congratulations how exciting!
Stafford Ray said…
Try 'wooly jumper'. Mmm, maybe not. You will then be asked if it you mean a frisky lamb or a long haired kangaroo!
Grand Purl Baa said…
It has taken me four reads to understand your joke/meaning. You are not Australian then and perhaps used to calling it a pullover? Or sweater?

Very funny. Long haired kangaroo!

Now come on. Time to show uz ya profile.
grrl + dog said…
As Demonstrated in my rant about art retreats, it's far easier to sit on the sidelines and whinge than

roll yer sleeves up and get the job done.

And there is no such thing as an original idea, just clever obfuscation of your source, or so Oscar Wilde said. Or maybe he stole that line form someone else.
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Grand Purl Baa I am saddened to notice that you are not touring anywhere near Cairns FNQ (yes that is Far North Queensland) we always seem to miss the good ones :-( I love your knitted collars and would love to be an ambassador...can I get one of your tour t-shirts from somewhere? My friends know me for my quirky knitting so I would love to blow them away with one of your shirts! Jenni, a fellow knitster :-)

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