Ambassadors of the Knitted Collar

It was a small but extremely warm crowd at the Black Cat Books and Cafe last night in Paddington, Brisbane.  Thank you all for coming.  You shared some beautiful tea cosy stories with me and you made me laugh too.

Top left:
Nanna Delux.  RWTC.

Top right:
A cosy joke (you had to be there)

Bottom Right:
Black Cat window display

Bottom Left:
It's official.
We have groupies!

Julie and Ingrid were at Avid Reader.
And they were at Black Cat last night.

AND they knitted up their collars especially for the occasion!

Click on to embiggen.
A reminder:
Zees eez 'ow eet eez done.

With needle and thread stitch around the T shirt collar with a blanket stitch.

Then pick up one knit stitch through each blanket stitch.

With the right side facing, continue in the round in stocking stitch (knit only).

Me thinks you might have started something ...

Julie and Ingrid - ambassadors of the knitted collar.Go on.  Show uz yours. 
O.K.  so here is a big picture of a tea cosy - Nana Delux - pattern in Really Wild Tea Cosies.


Sue said…
So I had a great time last night Loani! And I won a book prize! Never win anything! So excited! Thank you!
Baa-Me Kniits said…
I LOVE the knitted collar! Can I become an ambassador as well....PLEASE :-) What a fab idea, I'm of to look in my wardrobe to update some sad t-shirts..Woo Hoo!

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