22 April 2010

9 down 10 to go

9 down.

10 to go.

Some changed. Some added.

Tonight - 6.00 pm
Mary Ryans Bookshop
Park Road
Milton, Brisbane

Tomorrow - 9.30 am
Mary Ryans Bookshop
Hastings Street
Noosa, Sunshine Coast

Am I still having fun?

You betcha.

Hi ho hi ho its' off to work I go.
Didee dum di dum didee dum di dum.


grrl + dog said...

lovely new makeover

on the bloggy..

I love Mary Ryan's/

You big star.

Ginga Squid said...

I agree with Grrl + Dog.

I also really love this photo!

Alex said...

Hey you - love the new profile photo - has anyone told you you are very photogenic???? modern primitive is coming along very nicely but is very BIG!!!

Ms. Kimba said...

I was wondering what wool are you using for your cozy's? It almost looks like Noro, but yet not.

Wendy Hincks Ward said...

Yes, lovely pic - pretty yet pensive.


mem said...

Damn - missed you again! I wonder if I can get to Noosa tonight...

Fabulous photo.

Grand Purl Baa said...

Hello Ms Kimba

Yes I use a lot of Noro wool. Perhaps it looks a little different because the object is small and the colour blocks are larger than usual.

I always head for the brightest colours and enhance them with the effervescent Australian Nundle 8ply (Sportweight - I think)

Elizabeth said...

I have just found you blog through your exhibition in Sydney - your cosies are awesome!! I wish I could crochet!!