You Made it Here - Yay!

If you have arrived here then...


and more to the point....


for persevering through the journey here.

I thought I wanted a website as well as a blog.  Want want want.  But maybe simple is best after all, or maybe I'm resisting a very steep learning curve.

Lost Connections

Sadly you may have lost your blog link to my blog in the process and will need to re-follow.

You will need to RE FOLLOW with a link to

And even more sadly I have lost the blogs I follow and will have to find you all again.

The Jester

Introducing The Jester, published in REALLY Wild Tea Cosies.  Knitted with Noro and Nundle wool


Sue said…
I thought that I'd lost you and I did a mild panic!! But I found you again and so happy that I have :)

Love the Jester! Oh which teacosy to make first? That is going to be the hard question!
Yes, the KISS principle usually works best.
And your blog has always looked beautiful, anyway.

I can't wait for this afternoon! Better go press my frock.
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
So glad to see you've made it back. I'm in love with every tea cosy in the new book. Oh what a feast of colour and creativity. Which one to make first?

Already have one cosy on the needles, been through the stash ear marking yarn for others and have ordered yet more yarn from my favourite wool shop.

My beautiful daughter has spoilt me with her recent gift of some very posh KnitPro needles, which I'm itching to try out on all your wonderful designs
Anonymous said…
So pleased l could finally find your website & blog..l JUST CANNOT funtion without my daily dose of teacosy gossip & pictures..LOVE the Jester by the way,,Cool.
Congratulations on the book! And on the magnificent cozy!
Sewbeads said…
Lovely! I want to follow again. In July I will be able to post more frequently on my own blog so there will be something to see. Notice I did not say something of INTEREST to see...
Don said…
You jester you!
Ms Bubblefish said…
I've arrived here again. What a worry, especially when I'm directing traffic to you from my blog and my Facebook frenzies.

But it works!!!
grrl + dog said…

I had that delimma when they made my site.

"Oh they said" it will be just the same.

Nope it is not.

And I want my comfy old blogspot back, and that's that.

Congrats on the site - do you feel all growd up and stuff?
Chrisy said…
That Jester! He's perfect for sitting around telling stories with friends! Hope you're riding that wave of fame without any dumpings you...
mem said…
Hello hello - I got THE BOOK today.
imsohappyimsohappyimsohappy : )
Strickbombe said…
it took me a while (i thought you had gone into hiding), but i've finally found you again! sorry for being such a snail.

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