This Saturday - Boundary St, West End

Tea Hea Hea

Do ya loike me cubed pom poms?  Do ya?

So anyway this Saturday at about 10.30 am I will be at Avid Reader to install a window display (no, no book until the 26th) and to graffiti up Boundary Street.

I'm coming with my girlfriend of 30 years, Olix (Alex to you) and you are welcome to join us.

We'll be the ones in the Tour T Shirts (YES - Tour T Shirts) and with the bags of knitty things.....

.... doing this.

Avid Reader
Boundary Street
West End
The World
The Universe

10.30 ish


Jacqui said…
OF COURSE I loike your square pom poms you lovely weirdo - who makes square pom poms? You do!! I hope the locals will bring you refreshments while you're busy knitting their street up. Have fun!
Ginga Squid said…
Square pompoms - how oh how????
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Square pompoms!!!!! Mad :-). What next!!!!!!!
Chrisy said…
Tour have arrived girl! Will try to get along but at this stage more likely to meet you on the 26th. You paint this town red honey!
theemutsfeest said…
I wish I could be there!
I'm totally in love with the cubics!!
Tea said…
Well, I never! giggles
They're, well, they're square!
And yes, they're brilliant!
Gidgetknits said…
I think I'm in love with square pom poms!

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