Powerhouse Museum

Only the best.


objets d'art
haute couture
knitted sculptures

funny tea cosies

....now grace the halls of the Powerhouse Museum.

Glass polished.

Hands gloved.

Tea cosies registered.






Thank you Gosia (the Conservator) and Jessica (the Registrar) for your care and expertise. 

And then there is this.

Mark Crocker photographed book 1 and has continued to play with me in our Portraits of a Tea Cosy project.

His joyous photographs are displayed alongside the girls.

Thanks Owen the AV Guy.  We are looking up at him in awe.

And then there was Julia.

Every now and then you meet someone in your daily machinations who wows you with their ability to take care of everything with such efficiency and ease and good will.

Julia - you made me feel very special.  Thank you.

And thank you Lily, who thought it was an idea worth its wool.  Without you, there would be no installation.

It's worth a look/see.... I reckon.


Ginga Squid said…
Oh my faves (so far) are in there - the Sleeves and pink pompom! There is something so very cool and 'proper' about seeing them being handled by gloved hands! You should be very proud.
Liz Steel said…
How exciting!!! I will have to go and visit! Especially as I have a free ticket...somewhere!
snowmaid said…
oh how I wish I could visit, and see this magic textile art.
Any chance of a UK exhibition?
Loani, your talent is awsome!
grrl + dog said…
congrats - in their special glass vitrine like the precious objects they are..

bet you have a puffy chest moment or three.
Valerie said…
Wow! Your own exhibition ... how fantastic. I bet you're pinching yourself to check you're not dreaming!! Well done, best wishes Valerie
crealientje said…
woh, that is fantastic.
an onw exhibiton, a dream for everyone.
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Well done. Your talent and imagination is inspirational.

Congratulations to Mark too, his portraits are wonderful.

And another generation will grow up sharing in the celebratio of what is now a household icon.

A simple tea cosy...so many fond memories... who would have thought...
Jacqui said…
Congratulations Loani! I plan to inspect them in their special glass case v. soon - and Carmen is there too!! Should I take my Carmen to meet her? Or would that be a bit weird for her? I think maybe. Or for me. They might think I stole her. Better leave her at home.

You should feel very proud of yourself for honouring the tea cosie and us with your wit and love and skill. Magnificent!!
little hat said…
Oh Yeah Loani. You've made it. Are you doing accompanied tours? Book (no pun intended) me in.
Solaris said…
This is absolutely wonderful! Congrats!
lilly piri said…
Congrats, Loani! It looks cool.
Monika said…
Congratulations! Will they be there for ever and ever?
Ms Bubblefish said…
This is just so very exciting Loani. I'm so proud of you! You're leading a one woman domestic arts revolution into a brave new space.
Janette said…
Went to the Powerhouse Museum today. Great exhibition! Took a couple of friends from the USA along too, one being a knitter thought the cosies were fab. Looking forward to the new book!
Sue said…
Congratulations Loani! It all looks very important and impressive....which it is! Fantastic!
Luvvie said…
What can I say girl??? YOU are a powerhouse!!!! XXXXXXX
boogirl said…
It is an honour to be your friend. Not only published twice. But now exhibiting at the Powerhouse Museum. Oh the burden of having such an important friend...

Watch that brain box doesn't swell tooooo big!
Tea said…
Wow! Gloved hands and polished glass say a lot and deservedly so. Best wishes for a beautiful show.
Jejune said…
Totally TOTALLY awesome, Loani!!

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