The Nonsense Begins

It is a TOUR T SHIRT! 
Yes it is!!!

Click on to embiggen

Well why not!

Friday 26 March - 6 pm

Avid Reader
West End, Brisbane

07 3846 3422
Tuesday 30 March - 3.30 pm
Afternoon Tea at a Blue Angel Restaurant
Gympie Tce, Noosaville, Sunshine Coast

Annies Books on Peregian
Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast
07 5448 2053

Thank you thank you thank you Jacqueline from Brisbane Stitch 'n Bitch group who played with me so very very nicely on Saturday.

Jacq tells me she was a virgin yarn bomber until Saturday.  AND thank goodness for your preparedness, plastic ties, scissors, good humour....  and company for lunch.

You are a real brick.

Keep an eye out in...
Boundary Street
West End


Ginga Squid said…
I would love to buy one of those funky tour Ts - would that be possible? In a size 16 and postage to NZ?.....
lynne h said…
damn! your own t-shirt!! you ARE The Shit!!

(and may i say you're looking very fine doing a little yarn bombing there)

Jacqui said…
WooHoo!! Let the fun begin! Big breath...ready...set...GO!! LOVE the shirt and good on ya Jacq's for helping the Queen out.
Chrisy said…
lordy girl you're a star...with tour dates!....
Monika said…
Yeah, nice T-shirt! :o)
I already told my daughter she HAD to go to one of your events in Sydney, and bring me home both books, signed! If she doesn't, I just might to have to cancel her flight home! :o)
jwami said…
Ooohh, wish I could buy the T-shirt too!

I saw a report in a local (South African) paper the other day saying that police in New Jersey are looking for someone they refer to as the 'Midnight Knitter' who 'dresses' lamp poles in little jersies... Hehehheeee
Liz Steel said…
I will have to try and come to one of the Sydney events... and get to the powerhouse museum to see your works on display. Can you post more details about times of these locations.
Don said…
What a rock star! Look forward to seeing you on tour
grrl + dog said…

In my day you had to
SLEEP with the

band member to get the t shirt.

So who do I have to root???
Grand Purl Baa said…
Offers of money, power, sex... all for a little black T Shirt.

Think I might be onto something....
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
aaaaahhhhhh, but it's THE little black Tshirt. The one that all others desire and DON"T have. The one that YOU have....hehehehehe.

The Tshirt is lovely but I'm holding out for the book.

Seriously, Loani all the best for this weeks book launch and forthcoming tour. It will be a hoot.
Ms Bubblefish said…
I,too, am entranced/captivated/charmed and fascinated by the shirt!
Not sure that I'm willing to do ANYTHING, but ALMOST!!!
You've got somewhat of a market potential here, dear one.
Danielle said…
Ha-ah - saw your lovely stitch maffia bits on the street poles in West End - made me smile smugly to myslef - can't wait to meet you and buy your book on Friday night at Avid!

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