Those lucky Obamas.

They share a magazine with royalty, the Queen of the Tea Cosies.

Out today - April issue of the Australian Women's Weekly with an extract from the book and instructions on how to use 2 circular needles.

It's OUT.  It's HERE.  It's IN STORES!

Gees I was starting to think it was all a lie, some nasty deception to hasten the onset of insanity.

Or perhaps I'm dreaming after all.

A Window Display!

Coming to a bookstore near you.

click on to embiggen


Ginga Squid said…
Look! Obama is actually holding your tea cosy and about to pour Michelle a cuppa! Wow in the extreme.
Hahnsmum said…
Yep, Well done Loani..Saw the WW yesterday. Was really impressed.. Regards, Hahnsmum, Bingara, NSW
bowerbirdz said…
That window display looks wonderful. The green and pink (mushroomy?) cosy caught my eye. Can't wait to attend the big book signing!
Any idea if Loani will be coming to Melbourne. I want to hold off buying the book incase she comes down here (and I'll get her to sign it.
grrl + dog said…

they are shaking their Obama pom poms for you!
Grand Purl Baa said…
There is the Tour T Shirt from a recent post giving all the dates and venues. Click on to embiggen


I could just update the blog here at the side menu where it says "Booky things" Does it say that? I can't remember.

Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Congratulations Loani. Wishing you all the best wishes ever for the book launch tomorrow evening and the Tour.

BTW I'm told QUT's Creative Arts Faculty love your yarn bombing escapades in Boundary St.
Ms. Kimba said…
hehe..My ding dongy president and his wife playing with tea cosies :)
jwami said…
Oh Queen, you are doing wonderful things for Cosies. The display looks wonderful. Good luck for the tour.
Hope that the book sells like hot cakes...
Chrisy said…
Yay...oh...what's that sound...lordy there are people runnin down the street...thousands of people...excuse me sir can you tell me where everybody's going please? puff puff the bookstore of course! For the Weekly and that new teacosy book. Sorry...puff puff have to go..don't want to miss out!
Nice one. Don't know why they put them on the cover - surely they would have sold more copies with the teacosy cover? How about photoshopping one on their heads:)

Congrats, it looks fab and I even like the woolly necked T-shirt.
Liz Steel said…
Just went up to my local bookstore (during lunchbreak)- the book had arrived but was still in the boxes at the rear of the shop. Have to wait till tomorrow! Sorry, but even a wild tea cosy is not enough for me to buy a copy of Women's Weekly! I will wait for the book
Shell Sherree said…
Yay!!!!!!! Congratulations on the Women's Weekly AND landing in the bookstores, at last. A celebratory something is in order.
Jejune said…
Woo hoo!!! Yay! Huzzah! Balloons! Fireworks! Well done!!!!
Ms Bubblefish said…
THE "Womens Weekly"!!! Gad Girl, you've ARRIVED!! Wishing you teapots full of fame and fortune, and fans awaiting your every wise tea-cosying pronouncement.
I have my copy on order and hopefully winging it's way here soon.
Paige B said…
Hey! That's not any old ho-hum book ad it the WW - It also has the best and most painless EV-ER method for knitting in the round. Oh, you are a clever (and generous) poom-poom! Thanks, Loani!
Jacky said…
Congtratulations!!! Both on your new book and being in Womens Weekly. Definately be buying this issue. Could do with a lesson with the circular needles.
Love what you've done to the neck of your tee shirt in the previous post too.
Let me know if you are coming down to Melbourne for a book launch. I'd love to get a signed copy.
Tea said…
I'm late seeing this. Oh yeah, your cosies are much better reading than the Obamas. (Ha, I did NOT vote for the bloke...nearly spelled that with a j.)
Anyways, big congratulations!!!

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