In the Beginning

We are launched!

See!  Tea cosies ARE funny!

Show and Tell.
Be sure to bring yours to an event.

Fiona of Avid - Thank you Wonder Woman
for sending me off (on tour) with such fanfare
Steve of My Missing Life - Thank you lovely funny friend
for being you, for introducing me and for launching
Really Wild Tea Cosies

Many more photos to come. 
a demain (that's French for 'tomorrow')


Jacqui said…
oh thank god, been waiting to hear how it all went! Splendidly, it seems. And what a crowd! I hope you have a sore head today from celebrating. Yah you!
lynne h said…
ah, loani... congratulations!! xo
mem said…
Oh hooray for you!!!!!!
SuzieD said…
Congrats Loani, the Queen becomes the Empress??!! What with mixing in the same circles as the Obamas and all.

Love the t-shirt with collar... Steve's looks quite incomplete without it.. Hopefully will see you tomorrow if they can squeeze me in. Sue xxx
Chrisy said…
Bravo darling!
Sue said…
Looks great Loani! Can't wait for the afternoon at Threads and More next month!
theemutsfeest said…
What a wonderful, wonderfull website....I'm struck with awe!!!!
grrl + dog said…
look at this humumgous crowd!


I am so happy for you, what a freking thrill!
Danielle said…
Lovely to have met you - I have written a little posting on my blog about the evening! I'm sure the rest of your tour will be rock'n'roll!
Samantha said…
Queen of the Tea Cosie... it was lovely to be entertained by yourself at Fullers Bookshop, (Hobart) last night. Well her I am commenting on your blog! I may even begin a Blog myself! If you happened to have a cuppa at Fullers last night. I was the tea supplier!, Im a local small business owner who loves tea, and now I love your tea cosies and your lush books: ) You are an inspiration. Maybe I will write a book too....
Samantha Brown (blue felted scarf at the back : ))

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