Three Fabulousnesses in One

Yesterday The Bloke and I did our usual Friday afternoon thing - a glass of red or two at Aromas on Hastings Street.

But we have rules about what hour imbibing ought to start. 

As we were a little early we went for wander up Hastings Street...

...and found a brand new shop.

Lamington. Yes yes. All you'll find at the link is an address. But it is very important that you know where it is because when you are next in Noosa you must not leave without visiting. It is filled with clever, useful, beautifully made, Australian made things that you won't find in too many other places. It isn't often I want to buy everything in a shop or would even think to rave on about a shop.  High praise.

I managed to get out of there this time with just this made by Third Drawer Down. The artwork is by Camilla Engman who's blog I have been following for an age. The tea towel is a limited edition of 1,000. I got the magic number of 400.

No drying of dishes for this little beauty.  Me thinks it might get stretched over a frame.


Chrisy said…
What a perfect way to start a weekend...and now there's a good shop to visit as well! I haven't been to Hastings St for a while...but a shop with classy Australian stuff sounds like a good change! I'm very keen on anything Third Drawer Down does...and no I could never use the could even frame it!
grrl + dog said…
Oh, so Lamington has no Ken Done??

I have had a crush on Camilla Engman for ages...
Jacqui said…
I'm there!!

What? You never sing and dance around the house in socks and pyjamas?!
Shell Sherree said…
Both shop and art towel are beauties ~ it's ages since I've been to Noosa but I'll definitely file this in the memory banks for next time. Nice!!
crealientje said…
what a beautiful things do you make.

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