Secret Socks

One would think - with the way one boasts about the size of one's stash - that one would have enough of the same colour purple to complete a pair of knee length socks.

But - what is that about 'necessity' and 'invention'.

One is reminded of a fine fellow one once worked with.

He was a very dapper man.  Always impeccably groomed, his not inexpensive cloth cut in that fine classic mould.  Rich in colour but nothing peacockish.

All of it in perfectly understated good taste.

But when he sat down and crossed one leg over the other, he revealed a defiant middle finger pointed at the world.

Bright red socks with leaping frogs.

Sunshine yellow with can can girls.

Fluorescent green with humping lamas.   (Now there's a thought!)

Remember these?

One is going to have very warm calves in Mittagong this year.

Be sure to keep an eye on in...

What's Happening

....there on the side menu.

Post Script: The Bloke has said nothing about my using the word 'humping' here on the blog. Is it not nearly as bad as the word 'shit' or I wonder has he learnt his lesson.


Sue said…
Good on you for making a pair Loani! I have never made socks and that is one project that I will be tackling this year (not that I haven't enough to do already!) At least yours are very individual socks!
Hahnsmum said…
LOOOOVE those sox Loani..Always had a fettish for sox..One can NEVER have too many..Regards, Hahnsmum.- Bingara, NSW..
grrl + dog said…
I am jealous over your sock making ability.
Jejune said…
They are stunning! My hubby almost always wears odd socks - bright red and bright green, or whatever. Largely through disorganisation, but also from 'not caringinness' :)
Ginga Squid said…
Knitting socks is still way beyond me and I am in awe at those yummy ones! All those tiny perfect stitches.
Just looked up where you are and am finding it quite amusing you are near Wollongong - seems most appropriate!
Grand Purl Baa said…
Acchually Ginger we are nowhere near Wollongong, unless you were thinking that I live in Mittagong which is about an hours drive from Wollongong - but I don't. I live in NOOSA on the Sunshine Coast - North of Brisbane! Which is in a completely different state about 1200 kilometers away.

I will be VISITING Mittagong to deliver the Wild Knitting Workshop as part of the Sturt Winter School in July.

Here endeth the geography lesson.
Ginga Squid said…
Oh dear - it must have been thinking of your calves in those warm socks which got me all confused! I think you should move to Mittagong to be near Wollongong though. You know it makes sense.

I worked for 'Ask Hugo' recently - answering cell phone txts from people in Oz with random questions. I had to pretend I was an 'Aussie Bloke' in my mid-20s & I was always dismal on my Aussie geography & would often send people to clubs/massage parlours (etc) 800kms away from their actual location. I quit before I was sacked!

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