Getting Ready

Perhaps she ought to be called Madonna, she has had so many incarnations.

Well three.  She's had three.  Her stylist thinks we might be there now.

A softer finer look was required.  A little bit old worldy.  A little bit glam.  A little bit saucy.

Betty is dressed in Zarina 4 ply knitted up in a gorgeous coral red and delicious chocolate brown with a pearl shell and gilt edged beading peaking out from the neckline.

Betty the Burlesque Dancer is one of 9 tea cosies on display at the Powerhouse Museum from this Thursday 4th March.

5 cosies are new designs not seen in either publication.  

We are all of us in Port Stephens, (while The Bloke does fishy things) having our finishing touches.  A new petticoat here, an extra stitch there.

And of course a little rest up and some last words of encouragement from The Queen before the big outing.

Excited.  Nervous.  Excited.  Happy.  Nervous.  Excited.


Knit 'n' Stitch said…
How outrageously exciting for you and the girls. I wish I could get down to Sydney to see the display.

I do hope you have time to kick of the shoes and relax a bit before you embark on the hectic schedule ahead of you.
mem said…
Oooooh - she's lovely : )
Ginga Squid said…
Wow - she has her own stylist!!!! Very cool.
jwami said…
Get out there and wow 'em! With Betty aka Madonna at your side you cannot go wrong!! May everything flow as smoothly as tapestry wool :)

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