Some of us imagine we are different from everyone else.

Some of us probably even overvalue our contrariness.

A hoity toity "Oh I don't do anything special to mark a new year.  Why would I?!  Dates!  They are just numbers on a page, a made up thing to measure aging.  And who wants to do that."

You know, pretentious shit like that.

But one needs to confess.

The Wool Room
One SPRING CLEANED one's Wool Room.  Once known as the Spare Room, and then the Guest Room and now....

....well if one has a whole room to dedicated to wool, then one is perfectly justified in filling that room up.... with wool.

And naming it to secure its purpose.

Of course one could argue that the spring clean has nothing to do with the time of year and everything to do with regaining control of the house.

The properties of Wool
One of the properties of wool is it's wantonness.

It is wont to carelessly wander off all over the place....

....Wool Room or no.

You have seen Elfin already.  He shows off on the cover of Really Wild Tea Cosies.

Orange Elfin is getting ready for a bookstore near you.

Both are made with the fabulous Nundle Wool

Post Script:  The Bloke thinks I ought not use the word 'shit' here on this blog.  Though I usually value his opinion.... I think the words 'pretentious' and 'shit' go really well together.  But if anyone has any other words to offer... well, shit!  I'm all ears.


Knit 'n' Stitch said…
I luuuuv wee Elfin.... so bright...so cheery ... and a little impish. Now if I could get the 23 year old to fly the coup I would have a spare room for wool to gather in.... ahhhh but I'm dreamin'
Sue said…
I waited 24 years for a sewing/wool room and finally got one last year! The only thing now is that it doesn't seem big enough!! Maybe I should have a spring clean too but I don't want to part with anthing.....

Your choice of words Loani are very appropriate!
Don said…
Shit! They look great!
Ginga Squid said…
No shit - you've got a "Wool Room"? I dreamed a dream......

I love Elfin's colours, very zingy!
Re "pretentious shit" - you could shorten it to "toss" if your rsi was playing up. That orange tea cosy is speaking to me. Love it:)
mem said…
I recently made a request for a wool room - aka a shed in the backyard under the mulberry tree. It met with - "Naah, it wouldn't fit". Now what does that imply? Surely I don't have too much wool??? Shit - better do something about that!
Chrisy said…
Yes pretentious and shit do go really well together! Well done with the clean up...and those cosies...just fabulous works of art. And darling I'm so excited about your prediction re the guy on the white horse...and the chocolate tree (the ten children not so much!)
lynne h said…
aaahhhhhhhh! can you hear me laughing?!

i love this orange elfin - and he has a sort of 'inner hat', huh? or am i seeing this all wrong?

pretentious and shit are two peas in a pod, i think. i'm so glad you decided to go with your own feelings on this, because, as they say, it's put a shit eating grin on my face.

Grand Purl Baa said…
Lynne, I don’t wanna be a shit stirrer but “shit eating grin”?

Wikipedia (the new Simon) Says
"Shit" can be used to establish superiority over another being. The most common phrase is "eat shit!" symbolizing the hatred toward the recipient.

Now I prefer to think that you don’t know shit from clay and that what you meant was that it is "THE Shit".

Because (again from Wikipedia)
Interestingly, in slang, prefixing the article "the" to "shit" gives it a completely opposite definition.

Here endeth the lesson for the day.
lynne h said…
ms. grand purl baa... you are The Shit. : ) : ) : )
deb said…
Wow! Just discovered your work. Aren't you brilliant! Do you have a shop in Noosa? Love your blog.
When I make a tea cosy, I'll join your Wild for Tea Cosies group!
I'm on ravelry and etsy as debproductions.
Suzanne said…
Oh my word!!! I LOVE the orange one, and then I scroll down and see that lucious green one!!! Oh my word!!! Gorgeous doesn't even begin to cover it!! Made me smile!! :)
TorontoWalkie said…
hey zoos you maka me larf, ms p. baaaa. Pls carry on!
Jacqui said…
Ah com'on - it is such a richly descriptive word to use! "Shit yeah!"..."No shit"..."shit for brains", I mean, there are so many nuances to be had with it. And yes, it goes shitfully well with "pretentious". OK, enough shit from me (see? it works!!)

So does that mean the guests get to sleep with the wool?

Love the orange number - spectacular, as always!
Solaris said…
Your tea cozies are absolutely GLORIOUS!
Shell Sherree said…
It's your blog, Loani, and you can cuss if you want to. Your Elfin is effin' elfin. {Can I say that???}
amanda said…
The 'bloke' knows nothing! What better way to describe pretentious anything? :D
Gidgetknits said…
Scheisser (I only swear in German), that was funny! My wool travels around the house after me, tempting me.
elsiee said…
I hope you don't mind - I blogged about your gorgeous work:

bowerbirdz said…
A friend of mine uses his own version of a common saying. "The pineapple hits the fan" just doesn't have the correct ring to it, to my ears.
Love the cosies, as always.
Ms. Kimba said…
Holy Crapoly...You crack me up!
Nothing wrong with saying shit....I'll soon have a place for my wheel and wool and everything woohooo in a few months when I move!

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