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Getting Ready

Perhaps she ought to be called Madonna, she has had so many incarnations.

Well three.  She's had three.  Her stylist thinks we might be there now.

A softer finer look was required.  A little bit old worldy.  A little bit glam.  A little bit saucy.

Betty is dressed in Zarina 4 ply knitted up in a gorgeous coral red and delicious chocolate brown with a pearl shell and gilt edged beading peaking out from the neckline.

Betty the Burlesque Dancer is one of 9 tea cosies on display at the Powerhouse Museum from this Thursday 4th March.

5 cosies are new designs not seen in either publication.  

We are all of us in Port Stephens, (while The Bloke does fishy things) having our finishing touches.  A new petticoat here, an extra stitch there.

And of course a little rest up and some last words of encouragement from The Queen before the big outing.

Excited.  Nervous.  Excited.  Happy.  Nervous.  Excited.

Three Fabulousnesses in One

Yesterday The Bloke and I did our usual Friday afternoon thing - a glass of red or two at Aromas on Hastings Street.

But we have rules about what hour imbibing ought to start. 

As we were a little early we went for wander up Hastings Street...

...and found a brand new shop.

Lamington. Yes yes. All you'll find at the link is an address. But it is very important that you know where it is because when you are next in Noosa you must not leave without visiting. It is filled with clever, useful, beautifully made, Australian made things that you won't find in too many other places. It isn't often I want to buy everything in a shop or would even think to rave on about a shop.  High praise.

I managed to get out of there this time with just this made by Third Drawer Down. The artwork is by Camilla Engman who's blog I have been following for an age. The tea towel is a limited edition of 1,000. I got the magic number of 400.

No drying of dishes for this little beauty.  Me …

Secret Socks

One would think - with the way one boasts about the size of one's stash - that one would have enough of the same colour purple to complete a pair of knee length socks.

But - what is that about 'necessity' and 'invention'.

One is reminded of a fine fellow one once worked with.

He was a very dapper man.  Always impeccably groomed, his not inexpensive cloth cut in that fine classic mould.  Rich in colour but nothing peacockish.

All of it in perfectly understated good taste.

But when he sat down and crossed one leg over the other, he revealed a defiant middle finger pointed at the world.

Bright red socks with leaping frogs.

Sunshine yellow with can can girls.

Fluorescent green with humping lamas.   (Now there's a thought!)

Remember these?

One is going to have very warm calves in Mittagong this year.

Be sure to keep an eye on in...

What's Happening

....there on the side menu.

Post Script: The Bloke has said nothing about my using the word 'humping' here on th…

Glamour Shots

Some Tea Cosies!  I don't know!  Really!  They just want to hog the limelight.

It wasn't enough that Betty had one outing.

She insisted on getting up in this garb and having glamour shots taken.

AND she thinks she ought to wear this to the Powerhouse gig. 

It's a day gig girl.  Not some raunchy steam punk do.

Te DA!

It's a book!

My one 'advance' copy.

What is it about having a book?  I mean 50 thousand billion other people have books.

But ....the old baby analogy works.

50 thousand billion people have babies - but when your own baby comes - it's as if no-one ever did it before.

One feels unreasonably special and becomes insufferably proud.

And that ain't no pretentious shite.

And in the light of that - I will get all mushy and share the dedication with you....

For my mother Kate, who would have smiled so wide.  And for my son Benjamin, who makes ME smile so wide.

Post Script The book is officially released into shops on April Fools Day!!

Keep your eye on the side menu for signing event near you. The Mighty Murdoch Men have planned a book tour with 13 events from here to Hobart.


Some of us imagine we are different from everyone else.

Some of us probably even overvalue our contrariness.

A hoity toity "Oh I don't do anything special to mark a new year.  Why would I?!  Dates!  They are just numbers on a page, a made up thing to measure aging.  And who wants to do that."

You know, pretentious shit like that.

But one needs to confess.

The Wool Room
One SPRING CLEANED one's Wool Room.  Once known as the Spare Room, and then the Guest Room and now....

....well if one has a whole room to dedicated to wool, then one is perfectly justified in filling that room up.... with wool.

And naming it to secure its purpose.

Of course one could argue that the spring clean has nothing to do with the time of year and everything to do with regaining control of the house.

The properties of Wool
One of the properties of wool is it's wantonness.

It is wont to carelessly wander off all over the place....

....Wool Room or no.

Elfin You have seen Elfin a…