The Prince and the Cat

I consider myself to be an eminently pragmatic woman and when faced with a choice a few eight years ago - Prince (said with left palm raised towards the sky) or Cat (said with right palm raised towards the sky),




I chose Prince.

It was a surprisingly easy choice.  I could easily get another cat but a Prince only comes along once in a life time.  And I was getting on a bit.

click on to embiggen

Anyway.  It all made perfect sense.  I was moving to the garden of Eden where wild life abounds.

And cats kill.

So I took my cat Possum back to the RSPCA from whence she came.

There was nought to worry about.  She took less than 48 hours to woo another human and lives there still happily ever after.


.... living without a pet in the house proved too much of an oddity after all and the gentle persuasions began.

It did take some persuasion, The Prince The Bloke being a self professed cat hater!

And then one day...
"If we get a cat it has to be a Burmese".

Well (said in low growly voice) who was I to argue.

Wes The Cat has been hollidaying at our place for 5 years now.

What's that about old dogs?


Ginga Squid said…
Snakes - no problem.
But please dont show me pics of your large Aussie man-eating spiders, thank you very much! Eeeeewwwwwwwww.
That is the reason I ended up here in NZ.
Unless its a pic of your beautiful burmese cat eating one (or two)....?
Christine said…
What is it with men & Burmese cats? My Prince (also a non cat-lover) had the same response, only it was more specific, had to be a male Blue Burmese.... both times ;)
Ms Bubblefish said…
Wormed his way right into your heart as far as I can see!

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