Wild Knitting Workshop/Retreat

Come to my town in August this year to do a 5 day

Wild Knitting Retreat in Noosa avec moi

Yeah!  Go on!  Come!

Come with your partner or friend or your whole family ...

Stay at this beautiful place
Eumarella Shores Noosa Lake Retreat


knit knit knit from 9am - 3.30pm then go fishing, kayaking, walking, swimming and eating out in Paradise.

Or come on your own.  There'll be lots of other knitting nuts...errr... like minded people.

Quick - email me here at

loani at austarnet dot com dot au

and I will send you back two information pages about the retreat.

Ask me what the difference between a Retreat and a Workshops is.  Go on.  Ask me.

Well the
Wild Knitting Workshop in Mittagong avec moi  happens

in July at the Sturt Winter School

The knitting fun we'll have together is much the same in both places.

The difference is the environment and the weather and the kind of experience you are seeking.

The Sturt Winter School brings over 100 people together for a week to learn all sorts of arts and crafts.  It is just about the best fun you can have in a cold place.

email me for information pages about this wild knitting nonsense too.

NOTE:  There are only 10 places to be had in each of the Wild Knitting events.


lynne h said…
good heavens! that noosa lake retreat looks mighty nice!
Jacqui said…
do you have to know how to knit?
mem said…
If I start saving now......
Ginga Squid said…
Gosh I would love to - but I can't plan ahead further than about 10 days.
Monika said…
Sounds like an aweful lot of fun!
Julia said…
Hello there!

I have just stumbled upon your blog - oh wow I LOVE it!!! Its so colourful and inspiring - Im following you so I can check back on what you are up to soon

Love to you
Julia x x x
grrl + dog said…
And how wilkd was the last one?

I had a ball and see what I made??
thanks for showing it here... teeth and all.

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